Recycling game of Pocoyo

Learn how to recycle wastes in containers in a funny way

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Let's to help to preserve and care of the environment through recycling of wastes which are generated by us. Do you know how make it?  Don't worry. With the recycling game of Pocoyo for kids you will have fun and will learn how to recycle the trash.  

When you have learned, you will be able to encourage your family to make it at home. You will see how funny it is recycling of trash for kids and you will feel good. 

Recycling is the process of transformation of products that we don't use in new products. Therefore, recycle the trash helps to reduce environmental contamination, to save energy and materials, preserve trees and plants, among other benefits.

Let's learn how to recycle the garbage. For doing that, you must access to the recycling game for kids of Pocoyo. In the screen you will see several objects and three recycling bins of different colors. In the yellow container we must deposit objects fabricated with plastic or can. The objects that are made of glass must be deposited in the green container and the paper objects or carton in the blue container.

If you want to deposit an object in a recycling bin, you will have to make click in left bottom of the mouse on object you want. When you have selected the object, drag the mouse until the corresponding container. If the answer is wrong, Pocoyo will appear dubious position. You will be able to try again it with other container. If the answer is right, Pocoyo will celebrate your wise decision.

Get deposit every objects of the trash in the recycling containers. You will be able to play to recycle new objects as many times as you want. When you become a specialist in recycling game, encourage to go into action with your family at home.

Let’s take care of the environment between all children of the world to play much time in a healthy way. Do you want to fly the kite in the beach?


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