Planting flower seeds Game of Pocoyo

Learn to plant seeds and to care them to see the growth of beautiful flowers

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Planting flower seeds Game of Pocoyo

Planting flower seeds Game of Pocoyo

Planting flower seeds Game of Pocoyo

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Are you looking for funny gardening games? Be surprised with the flower seeds game of Pocoyo. You will learn how to care plants and you will be able to see their growth. You can become great gardeners and get many flowers. Pato loves flowers, and you?

Join the game and learn to care a garden with Pocoyo. First, you will have to choose the flower seed you want to plant. Next, you will have to water it and fertilize it several times until it grows. If you try to fertilize or water when it isn't necessary, Pato will warn you. Otherwise, the plant will start to grow. Do you dare to face the challenge of planting seeds? Come on! Try it now! It's an educacional plants game!


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