Mystery games: the spatial hide and seek of Pocoyo

Have fun seeking to Pocoyo and friends in this funny game of babies

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Do you like mystery games? Resolve the riddle about where the characters have hidden, with the funny game "Spatial hide and seek of Pocoyo".

In this funny game, Pocoyo and some of his friends are playing hide and seek in the space. Each one of them has selected a place on the planet to hide.

If you want to be a great specialist in mystery games, you'll have to discover the whereabouts of each of the characters. Be careful, you will have a limited number of eight attempts in the funny game to find the hiding places of our friends.

You have to find the four characters who are Pato, Elly, Loula and Pocoyo. From time to time, they will peek out the head to give you a clue about their whereabouts.

If you find the hide and seek of all the characters, you will achieve many points and you will have fun with mystery games.

To start playing at the funny game of babies "Spatial hide and seek of Pocoyo", just you will have to go by placing the mouse over the areas of the planet where you think that are hidden the characters and click with the left mouse button.

Become the king of the games of mystery with “Spatial hide and seek of Pocoyo”, a funny game for everybody.

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