Fishing games: the duck hunt of Pocoyo

With fishing games you will have fun many times

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Had you ever imagined that you'd find the most famous of fishing games online? Now, you will be able to enjoy the key game in fairs with Duck Hunt of Pocoyo.

Your kids will have great moments because this is the best of fishing games than catching Pato and his ducklings.

To access Duck Hunt, you will have to click the Play button that appears next to Pocoyo and his friends in the picture. You will see that the fishing game is been loaded, because your mouse pointer will become a fishing rod with a hook.

You'll have to hunt the ducks that appear all over the screen. Every time that you hunt a duck, more ducks will come until it finishes time marking by clock the top.

More ducks you are fishing, higher score you will get in fishing games. You can watch your cumulative score in the upper right where it says score points.

If you pay attention, you will note that there are ducks which wear different hats. Each of ducks’ hats have associated a different score in fishing games. So if you have to prioritize, collect those ducks that have higher scores before, if you want to be the best fishermen.

Every time than you hunt a duck, it will appear the corresponding score associated, so you will know which ducks must be rescued first.

Are you ready for the Duck Hunt in the fishing game? Access to this online game for kids, take the fishing rod and you will have to move it only in the direction towards which you want to go, in order that it approaches the bait for hunt the ducks. It is very easy! Enjoy the Pocoyo fishing game.

Play to rescue to the maximum number of ducks with your friends or make an effort you to improving your scores in fishing games. You will be able to play as many times as you wish at fishing game "Duck Hunt of Pocoyo".

And now, Do we jump in the trampoline? It will be funny.


I love pocoyo games


I like Pocoyo the best

Thao Dan

a mi hermano le encanto...esta de maravilla


this game fishing hooks rocks


u all must know that pocoyo is the best i watch it almost everyday!






I watch Pocoyo since December 2011

Dylan Bradfield

my nephew loves pocoyo, and i would like that you put more games to play with my cnephew, thanks xD

lil alien

good game



Lichhivhuor Khun

best ever


my sister like u ^-^


you know pocoyo is The best


Pato is funny


muy pero muy bakan pocoyo esta de yo vengo de chile y soy un gamer y tengo ocho años


Oh, my god i love pocoyo more than you guys!!!! he's too cute for me to look at so maybe print a picture of him and send to me xDDDDDD


jugar sin parar


i hate pocoyo ''he is so ogle


Where can i find the activation link? T_T




hola como estas pocoyo


i love pocoyo so much his funny and funilove u pocoyo


i love pocoyo so much i love his game


pocoyo isthe best in the whole world




Please can I play


EsTa rE BuEnO LoS jUeGoS aMo EsTa PaGiNaaAaAaAaA


hola como estan quiero estar en un concurso


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