Matching game: find couples of cards with Pocoyo

Find couples of cards in this funny memory game

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Are you and your family members quick-witted?  Do your children have good memories? Now you have the opportunity to find out with the online Pocoyo game.

Pato invites you to put your visual memory to test in the Professor Pato Laboratory game. This game of observation and memory will entertain kids and give grown-ups a fun challenge, too. You can be on the list of best players if you get top scores in your games. Come on and give it a shot!

This game of mental dexterity consists of finding pairs of matching images before the timer runs out. When the game begins you will observe on the screen different blue cards, arranged face down. Each one has an image that you will only be able to see if you click on it, and is only revealed for a few seconds, forcing you to pay attention and try to fix it in your mind, along with the position that it occupies. When you know where the matching card is, click on the two cards, one after the other; if you're right, the two will then be visible.

At the top of the matching game there are three indicators: the right one shows your score after getting the pairs right, the one in the center reveals the time available to find all the pairs of images, and the left one gives you the number of attempts you have left to find the matches.

There is no limit to the number of attempts to find the matching images, but you will want to make as few as possible in order to reduce the time it takes you. When you manage to find all the pairs of cards you will pass to the next level in this memory game and face a more difficult challenge. With each level the difficulty will progressively increase, and there will appear more cards on the screen, with the time to complete the challenge slightly increasing.

When the time runs out on the central indicator the “Professor Pato Lab” game will have ended and you'll be able to check your final score. Exercising your memory is very good for you, so come on and enjoy this entertaining mental ability game for children.



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