Educational games of Pocoyo

Educate them will be funny with the learning games for kids for their favorite characters.


Planting flower seeds Game of Pocoyo

Planting flower seeds Game of Pocoyo


Recycling game

Learn how to recycle wastes in containers

Pocoyo's numbers and colors

Learn to count and the colors

Magic numbers of Pocoyo

Learn the cardinal numbers with Pocoyo and his friends

The waiter Pocoyo

Have fun with the waiter Pocoyo in the foods game

Fruit games of Pocoyo

Teach your children to collect all the fruits with this online game.

Are you looking for educational games to have fun? If you want to play with you kids while they learn, here you will find a great selection of educational games designed and created for this purpose. The children will have fun with these!

Toddlers will be trained about different themes in the educational games of Pocoyo by the hand of their favorite characters. They will learn the numbers, how to recycle trash into different containers, how to arrange the room or put everything on its place, among other usual activities with the learning games for kids of Pocoyo. They will learn to be friend of the planet and to be tolerant with all kind of persons.

Pocoyo's educational games encourage to children to exercise memory and concentration in the game, to stimulate their imagination and to increase their self-esteem and independence in the learning of homework.

In addition, it's important to facilitate children the access to new technologies as soon as possible. The first children experience with a computer or digital device should be fun! So they will want to keep on learning. The learning games for kids are devoted to get the best possible experience for them.

The best of all is that children will be able to enjoy of educational games always anytime they want and face up to the different challenges. They will have a great time. If you and your son are already a master player in one of the educational games, you can also change the game and try others!  There are many learning games for kids of Pocoyo.

They will be entertaining with educational games and other Pocoyo contents . Find out the different sections of the website here.

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