Driving games

Have fun dodging obstacles in the driving games


Pocoyo's Space Adventure

Learn to pilot the Pocoyo's spaceship.

The spaceship of Pocoyo

Avoid the stones and demonstrate how good you are in driving games

Flying the Kite

Enjoy the best with the game "Pocoyo's kite".

Bumper cars

The best crazy car game.

Do you like the driving games? Have fun with these games of Pocoyo. You will enjoy flying kites, driving cars or spaceships with your favorite characters.

The online driving games of Pocoyo are very funny. Kids and adults will enjoy them.

Playing is very easy. You will have to avoid the collision with some obstacles you will find in your path. You will have to crash on purpose against others. There are bad and good objects. Look at which are these in the selected game. If you crash against a bad item, you will see your score going down. If the object is good, your score will be increase.

To crash or avoid the obstacles, you will have to move the mouse of computer towards the place where you want to direct the game. Pocoyo has three lives by each round in the driving games. If you lose the three lives, the game will finalize and you will see your score. You can play as much as you want to get high scores.

Look at the scoreboard in each game to see your score. Compete to pilot with your friends as much time as possible and get high scores in the driving games.

Discover other games of Pocoyo to learn in the section of Educational Games.  


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