Crash game - The spaceship of Pocoyo

Avoid the stones and demonstrate how good you are in driving games

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Would you like to have fun driving the Pocoyo’s spaceship? It´s the best of the driving games!

With the space game "Vamoosh Racing" of Pocoyo children will be entertained. If you want to have fun and develop visual acuity and quickness of movement with the mouse from the computer, this crash game is ideal for you.

You will have to drive the spaceship of Pocoyo and dodge the obstacles you will encounter your step, until reaching the goal with the Vamoosh.

You will be able to pilot the spaceship in five different planets in the crash game "Vamoosh Racing". You will have to overcome each of them with the highest score as possible if you want to be the kings of the driving games.

As you are driving the spaceship, different obstacles will appear in the opposite direction to yours. You should pay attention because not all the obstacles will hurt to your spaceship in this crash game.In the space game "Vamoosh Racing" there are good obstacles that will allow you to score points or will get invulnerability and extra speed to spaceship for arriving prior to the goal. Crash the spaceship against these obstacles to get score, are beneficial for you.

You must take special care with the stones, these will subtract you points playing against you. Avoid as many as possible. If you don´t reach the goal in the time required with the spaceship, this game "Vamoosh Racing” will end.

The steering wheel of the spaceship in this crash game is controlled with the mouse of your computer. It is quite simple: if you want to make a turn toward the right with the spaceship to avoid a stone, you will have to move the mouse to the right, in the same way for the left side moves the mouse to the left.

Carry the spaceship to the goal line and obtain the highest score possible and become the kings of the driving games! If you liked the space game "Vamoosh Racing" try other games for children of Pocoyo.



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