Cool games of Pocoyo

Face the funniest challenges in games of skill of Pocoyo


Pocoyo Hearts

Catch all the love hearts you can


Pocoyo Halloween

Collect scary Halloween stuff


Pocoyo's Space Adventure

Learn to pilot the Pocoyo's spaceship.

Candy Hunter

Pick up the more candies, you will obtain better score

The spaceship of Pocoyo

Avoid the stones and demonstrate how good you are in driving games

Pato's flowers

Pocoyo version of the famous online Tetris game.

Flying the Kite

Enjoy the best with the game "Pocoyo's kite".

Fruit games of Pocoyo

Teach your children to collect all the fruits with this online game.

The dartboard of Pocoyo

Entertain your children with shooting games online of Pocoyo

Trampoline game of Pocoyo

Your children will enjoy doing jump to Pocoyo in the trampoline game.

The duck hunt of Pocoyo

With fishing games you will have fun many times

Would you like to test your children with games of skill of Pocoyo?

Have fun with the cool games that Pocoyo has prepared for you and your kids. You have to find out the challenge in each of the games of skill and try to overcome them. It's great to test your kids and even yourself while you enjoy what your sons like: playing with Pocoyo and his friends.

Are you and your kids good at these cool games? Concentrate and improve your movements with the mouse to achieve the goal of every game. Do you like to challenge you and you kids time after time? You can play all the times that you want!

Find in this section a wide variety of games of skill to entertain young children! Cool games are so entertaining that adults will want to play too!

Play at home as a team and become the best players of games of skill.  Compete with your friends and get high scores in the cool games. You will be able to see your scores when the game is finished.

Try all games to learn how to play! Discover the goals that must be overcome, if there is a limited time, etc. You will love the games of skill of Pocoyo and you won't want to stop playing. Become the best team of all!

And if you can’t get enough, find more contents in Pocoyo website and have a funny time! Plenty of surprises are waiting for you with Pocoyo and his friends.

We want to know your opinion about the cool games of Pocoyo. Tell us your opinion about games of skill and if you have any new idea, leave us your suggestion.

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