Plastic planters with recycled materials

Plastic planters with recycled materials

Earth Hour's Day is coming! It's celebrated on March 24th each year. There's nothing quite as satisfying as caring for something that has been giving us so much: Our Beautiful and Green Planet. Every little action could mark a diference. Let's join together and make these beautiful and cool A&C togeteher to celebrate it. You'd love Pocoyo and Nina Cute Planters (made with recycled materials): Print the downloadable template and cut out your preferred figure: Pocoyo or Nina (or both!). Follow the instructions and the video, It's really easy & fun! Now you have to do a little gardening. Plant some seeds with a bit of
soil; water them and place them in the sun. You will soon see how they grow! Long Live the Nature and her Biodiversity!

To make this craft, you’ll need:

  • Download template
  • White A4 size paper for printing
  • Empty 2 l plastic bottle
  • Transparent tape
  • Various colors of permanent markers
  • Scissors
  • Box cutter
  • Cotton soaked in alcohol
  • Acrylic paints
  • Large paint brush or sponge
  • Paintbrushes and egg carton for mixing paint
  • White glue mixed with 50% water
  • Cardboard or cutting mat to protect your working surface

Step by Step

Places the cursor over each step to learn more details

Cut Out 1Cut Out
Cut 2Cut
Tapeing 3Tapeing
Outling 4Outling
Mark 5Mark
Cut 6Cut
Erasing 7Erasing
Outling 8Outling
Painting 9Painting
Drawing 10Drawing
Cut Out 11Cut Out
Outling 12Outling
Color 13Color
Painting 14Painting
Hole punching 15Hole punching
Varnishing 16Varnishing

Craft video

Follow all steps of this craft by video

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