Arts and crafts for kids of Pocoyo

Break out of the routine making handicrafts with children


Spring Garland

Enjoy spring with this new Pocoyo garland! 


A Paper Valentina

Make this simple craft of Valentina, Pocoyo's friend!


Painting Easter Eggs with Pocoyo

Enjoy this fun Easter craft with Pocoyo!

Fred's Easter Egg

Send secret messages in Easter Eggs

Flower Pot Adornment

Make this flower pot adornment of Caterpillar

Pot painting

Decorate your flowerpots to celebrate the arrival of Spring

Recycled Instruments

Craft some nice instruments made of recycled materials

Felt patch for baseball cup

Decorate your baseball cap with Fred

Collage for a Cool Winter

Prepare this cute collage for a Cool Winter 

Loula's Mask for Carnival

Celebrate Carnival with Loula's Mask

Easter eggs

Prepare likeable paper Easter eggs to have fun playing

Paper Whale

Preparate a paper whale to celebrate the end of Carnival

Birthday hats

Make Pocoyo and Nina's cute Birthday hats

Pocoyo's Birthday Medallion

Make a nicePocoyo's Birthday Medallion for kids

Pocoyo's Surprise Easter Card!

Make a beautiful and original surprise card to celebrate Easter. 

Sleepy bird Suncatcher

Create your own Sleepy bird suncatcher in a easy and funny way.

Pocoyo and Friends Football Table

Create your own football table with Pocoyo and his friends

Nina's Easter Bunny Mask

Disguise yourself as an Easter Bunny with this funny Nina mask.

Pocoyo's Bird Feeder Recycling Project

Make a pretty Pocoyo's Bird Feeder with recycled materials.

Plastic planters with recycled materials

Make beautiful Pocoyo and Nina plastic planters with recycled materials.

Birthday party invitation

Make this amazing pop-up B-day party invitation 

Birthday Candy Bags

Prepare cute Pocoyo's Birthday Candy Bags

Pocoyo and Nina's Hand Fan

Make a Pocoyo and Nina's Hand Fan for this summer

Scrapbooking with Pocoyo- Holidays

Create your own scrapbook with Pocoyo.

Scrapbooking with Pocoyo - Dance with Elly

Create this beautiful Scrapbooking with Pocoyo.

Scrapbooking with Pocoyo - Let's go to the movies!

Create this beautiful cinema Scrapbooking with Pocoyo.

Jumping Jack Soccer

Create your own Pocoyo Jumping Jack and enjoy soccer!

Chinese New Year Garland

Celebrate Chinese New Year with this Pocoyo craft!

Roulette of the professions- Women's Day

Nina and Elly have prepared this fun craft for International Women's Day!

Game of Shapes and Colors

Play with shapes and colors and learn with Pocoyo!

Monkey Drum

Enjoy this beautiful Pocoyo's craft for Earth Hour!

Recycled Star Gazer

Make your paper telescope to look at the stars

Pocoyo's Winter Stickers

Decorate your notebooks with amazing stickers of Pocoyo 

Pocoyo's folder

Create a nice folder for school

Pen cups

Decorate your pens with nice caps

Memory Pocoyo Games

Make this fun memory card game

Inauguration Torch

Make your own torch of Pocoyo Games

Foamy Finger

Create a nice foamy finger 

Equality bracelet

Get some blue, yellow and pink beads to represent Pocoyo, Pato and Elly in this equality bracelet

Speed Disk

Make Pato run in circles with the Pocoyo Speed Disk

Original Pocoyo Bookmarks

Make your very own bookmark to make reading easier

Do not disturb Sleepy bird

Do not disturb signs to print

Photo frames and portraits of Loula

Decorate your portraits with picture frames of Loula

Puppets Marionette of Loula

How to make a puppet

Are you looking for new ways to spend quality time with your children? With the large selection of Pocoyo themed arts and crafts available for kids, what better way to entertain your children at home and create new things that stimulate your child’s creativity!

Making handicrafts with toddlers and children also benefits their concentration skills and reinforces lessons learnt at nursery school or day care. 

The Pocoyo arts and crafts section includes many different activities that involve joining the dots, coloring in or pasting objects, tasks that children love and will keep them entertained for


There are many benefits of engaging in handicrafts for children. Find out for yourself and encourage your kids to make Pocoyo themed arts and crafts for kids at home. You will see how eager your children are to engage in activity after activity! 

There is a great variety of activities for you to make. You can make bracelets, door hangers, boxes to save your things in or photos frames amongst others. 

Just choose the handcraft that you want to make and to follow the instructions. Keep some basic tools on hand such as scissors, paper and glue... The items needed for each activity are clearly indicated in the instructions so that you can have them all ready before you start. 

Once you have gathered the materials required, you can sit down with your children and download the template for each art and craft activity and begin to create new and exciting items that you can even give away as gift to family member or friend to show them just how much they mean to you! 

Don't forget to tell us about your experiences creating Pocoyo themed handcrafts and if you want leave us suggestions about what activities you would like to see on the site

There are some fantastic activities waiting for you to enjoy with your children on the website! 


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