Halloween crafts for kids

Get easy Halloween craft ideas


Portrait of Pocoyo in Halloween

Decorate your room with this portrait of Pocoyo!

Halloween pumpkin

Pick your favorite pumking

Piñata for Halloween

Create your own piñata for Halloween

Elly's Halloween card

Create your own Elly's Halloween card

Pocoyo's werewolf mask

Prepare a frightening werewolf mask

Pocoyo's Puppet Theatre

Create your own Pocoyo's puppet theatre

Skeleton Puppet for Halloween

Make a terrifying skeleton puppet for Halloween.

Halloween invitation

Make invitations for your Halloween party with Pocoyo!

Halloween Candy Bag

Prepare this bat shaped candy bag for Halloween!

Crafts for Halloween, step by step

Discover fun Halloween crafts

How about we make some easy Halloween crafts, step by step? It'll be fun!

Halloween is also known as the Night of the Dead or the Night of Witches. Although it is of Anglo-Saxon origins, today it is a holiday celebrated around the world on the night of October 31. To celebrate Halloween children from all over the world wear costumes and go around their neighbourhoods asking their neighbours for treats. When they knock on the door, by tradition the children say "trick or treat!" and, depending on the answer they receive, one of two situations arises. If the person chooses "treat", the children receive candy. But if he chooses a "trick", the children play some kind of joke on him.

Well, now that you've got it, do you want to celebrate Halloween in the funnest way with

Children's crafts for Halloween
Pocoyo and his friends? Enjoy the entertaining activities we have prepared to celebrate this very special holiday. You won't need to spend a lot of money, and you'll be very original. You'll probably have everything you need at home.

Produce spooky crafts of ghosts, zombies, bats and other characters on this special occasion. You can also learn how to follow some original Halloween recipes, and have a great time making scary masks of your favourite characters, so they won't be able to recognise you when you go door to door. You can also decorate your home for this special holiday. Visitors will be really scared when they visit your house. Come on! Don't wait any longer to discover the spookiest Halloween stuff. You'll love it!

There are different crafts for Halloween kids to create. Check them out and choose the one you want to make. Within each one you'll find a list of the materials that you'll need, as well as the instructions to create them, step by step. Don't worry. You'll be able to do it without any problem. As much as you can, remember to use recycled materials, in order to protect the environment.  Also, you're bound to come up with new craft ideas as a result of our content. Innovate and create anything you want. Don't put limits on your imagination.

Halloween night is the ideal time for activities with young children, and to encourage their creativity. So, get together with other children and spend an unforgettable night. Discover the easy Halloween crafts for children that Pocoyo has for Halloween night, to decorate and play. We really hope you like them! 

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