Matching games of Pocoyo

Matching games of Pocoyo

Let's have fun with this game about connecting with arrows of Pocoyo. You'll see the fun that is to play to matching game or join the character with its object.

Who is the owner of every object? Do you remember it? You can try remembering some Pocoyo episodes that you have seen previously. If you don't remember them, look at the objects with attention and you will find clues to relate each object with its owner. Every character almost always is accompanied by its toy. You will find out the relationship.

Get the template of this matching game through the download button. Then, print it and use a pencil or pen to join with arrows the characters and objects that belong to them. You can use different colored pencils if it helps you to look the relationships. It will help you to clarify which of them you haven't associated yet.

Show how much you know about your favorite characters through the funniest matching games.


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