Connect the dots: Circus Pocoyo

Connect the dots: Circus Pocoyo

Discover different drawing games of Pocoyo for your children’s entertainment. The games of connect the dots are the most entertaining and complete because you will learn to draw at the same time that also you will know the numbers and the order.

Let's begin the explanation of the games of connect the dots. To learn to draw, you only need to have paper, a printer with ink and a pen or ballpoint pen. First, you must download the pdf of the handicraft of connect the dots in your computer and then print it on sheet of white paper.

When you have the template printed, find in the drawing of join points the number 1 and draw a line that it reaches the number 2. In the same way, draw another line from the point 2 to the point 3 and keep joining dots until the last number. Don't forget to respect the order always.

When you have completed all connections, you will be able to discover a drawing. What is it? The best of all is that you can color the images in any color you can imagine with drawing games of Pocoyo. These games are a great activity, aren’t they? Of course, they are designed for the smallest at home to learn.

How cool and easy it is to learn to draw with the drawing games of Pocoyo!

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