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How about we give your brain a little workout? Want to have some fun solving long children's riddles? Solving fascinating riddles is a great and highly recommended way to train the mind. In this section you will find a great selection of them to get started. They're not complicated riddles. Want to check them out? You're bound to be surprised.

Recognise the helpful clues to guess the answers to the long hard riddles

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It was asked of me what I could be made,
And so people were fed from me.
It was asked of me what I could be made,
And so houses were built.
It was asked of me what I could be made,
And so things were written.
It was asked of me what I could be made,
And so I fertilized the ground.
But when asked more of what I could be made,
There was nothing to be found.

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It roars its challenge,
And I respond.
It takes my abuse,
And goes beyond.
Filled with liquid,
In my hurried haste,
I wield my staff,
In this turgid race.
But once I have vanquished,
The mighty foe,
I float like a thistle,
While moving ever so slow.
What are we talking about really?

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A hord of gold.
So many trasures hold.
No guards, no wards.
Prised by bards.
But no merchant will except it.
Cause as payment it doesn´t fit.
But still Chauntea refills it every year,
Now what it is should be clear!

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As destructive as life,
As healing as death;
An institutioner of strife,
Just as prone to bless.
It is all that is good,
Yet with an evil trend;
As it was the beginning of things,
It can also be the end.

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The gold of the mountains of Fire.
No coin has ever been made of.
Mages are the golds buyer.
With coal and iron it takes the roof off.

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We are such little tiny creatures;
all of us have different features.
One of us in glass is set;
One of us you'll find in jet.
Another you may see in tin,
and the fourth is boxed within.
If the fifth you should pursue,
it can never fly from you.
What are we?

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I am the part of the bird that is not in the sky, who can drown in the ocean and yet remain dry.
A last vestige of man that refuses to die. In mourning I am tossed at your feet to lie; I begin my job early, devouring your ankles and thighs.
I work my way up, eating your legs to your waist. And though around midday away I am chased, I return quickly to savor the arm of my taste.
As evening falls I enter your lungs, spiraling down past your mouth and your tongue. I feast on your body, your soul, and your mind,
but as darkness falls you shall find that away I will go, a relief for some; At least until tomorrow morning comes. What am I?

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A few hours ago in darkness,
a long-way-walker made me his vitness.
He told me storys of times long forgotten,
from his home, that is now rotten.

He whispered the lovers softly promise,
and the lonely mans bitter lost and miss.
Silent he was all the time,
keeping to my heard his gentle rime.

From above he came,
silver on dark heavens name.
He awaits me back when Lathanders eye goes to rest,
when my eyes go from north to east, from south to west.

I think you have met him too,
so what did he tell the eyes of you?
God bless this lonely fellower on his endless journey of sorrow,
cause his harbour sank in the ocean of past long time ago.

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Often talked of, never seen, Ever coming, never been, Daily looked for, never here, Still approaching, coming near. Thousands for its visit wait, But alas for their fate, Though they expect me to appear, They will never find me here. 

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I weaken all men for hours each day. I show you strange visions while you are away. I take you by night, by day take you back, None suffer to have me, but do from my lack. 

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Do you know what can also be really worthwhile? Memorise these nice long riddles with answers, and challenge your friends to get the right answers. You can see who is faster than you, and that will spur you to improve and learn more things. There's nothing better than learning by playing!

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