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Pocoyo is a 3D animation Spanish series focused on young children’s learning.

In this section of videos for children, you will find many episodes with the adventures of Pocoyo and his friends.

The Pocoyo cartoon series features a preschool-aged child called Pocoyo and his group of friends, including Elly, Pato, Loula, SleepyBird, Nina, Roberto and Octopus, among other characters.

In Pocoyo videos, you will get to know Pocoyo’s spontaneity and curiosity to learn new things. Through the game, he will discover a world created by and for him, full of things to explore: the Pocoyo World.

Learn while Laughing

All the contents in Pocoyo videos are focused on the values ​​and knowledge the little ones must learn, with the purpose of facilitating parents’ teaching and make learning fun.

Pocoyo cartoons are a great educational resource to encourage children to learn. The aim of Pocoyo videos for children is to awaken the imagination and stimulate the senses of the little ones, facilitating relationships and the acquisition of human values ​​while building self-confidence through smiles.

Entertaining your kids with Pocoyo videos for children will be easy for you. You will see them smile and laugh out loud while learning with their favourite cartoon characters.

4 Seasons

The series is currently composed of 4 seasons. Seasons 1, 2 and 3 consist of 52 episodes each, while Season 4 has 26 episodes. Each chapter takes approximately 7 minutes.

In every Pocoyo chapter, the narrator voice asks simple but specific questions to Pocoyo and his friends. The characters, assisted by several children voices, will answer the questions. Thus, proximity with the child is achieved, since knowledge is better transferred between equals, that is, from children to children, favouring assimilation and memorisation of what has been learned.

  • Season 1: awakens imagination and stimulates the senses

    In Season 1 episodes, Pocoyo and his friends will face many challenges unknown to them until now.

    The characters will discover geometric shapes, colours and sizes. They will know how to use various objects such as umbrellas, brooms or telephones. They will also learn how to dance, play hide-and-seek or juggle, while acquiring values ​​such as friendship, respect, gratitude, authenticity, self-confidence, etc.

  • Season 2: keep learning, laughing and living new adventures

    In the videos for children Season 2 you will find more animation, more musical content and everything you need to entertain the little ones.

    Our friend Pocoyo and the rest of the characters in the series will live new adventures, discover new ways of playing, have fun and learn how to make fun uses of certain objects. In addition, you will be pleased to meet new characters such as the caterpillar Valentina, Fred the octopus and the Alien, among others, who will join the Pocoyo family throughout the second season of the cartoons.

  • Season 3 (Let's Go Pocoyo): learn concepts through music

    The Season 3 of the series is very special. It is called Let's Go Pocoyo and it has been created for the little ones in the house to learn in the English language about everyday tasks and common elements in their environment.

    In the Let's Go Pocoyo episodes they will learn how to match objects with their names as they are pronounced by Pocoyo and the rest of the characters in the series. There is an emphasis on words, colours, animals and shapes, which are presented in a way to catch the little ones’ attention.

    At the end of each chapter, the concepts studied through different songs are reviewed to facilitate assimilation and recall.

    Through the 52 episodes of this 3rd season, children will learn the colours, musical instruments, flowers, toys, games, the “big” and “small” concepts, “up” and “down”, among many more contents.

  • Season 4: new characters join the series

    In season 4, Pocoyo and his friends return with new and unexpected adventures. In these new episodes, fantasy and reality will mingle in each of the trips the characters undertake, facing them with different experiences. This will help them discover new feelings and understand the meaning of true friendship.

    Our adventurers’ desire to experiment and have fun will make them exhibit their most creative and imaginative aspects in each of their feats. In one of these trips, Pocoyo and his friends will make a new friend, Nina, who is always accompanied by a friendly robot called Roberto, with whom she will live incredible adventures. They will make us have a great time, full of emotions and fun without limit. Enjoy the new Pocoyo episodes in Spanish!

More than 30 languages ​​available

The Pocoyo cartoon series has been translated into more than 30 different languages ​​including English, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, among others. You can look for them on YouTube.

Get them on DVD

The videos for children and babies of Pocoyo are also available on DVD for those who wish to have them at home. You can find them in our products section.

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