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Reforest Gran Canaria. Create #PocoyoForest

Pocoyo Forest: Give the gift of the tree of your life

Do you want to become a part of Pocoyo Forest? Collaborate by buying the tree of your life. Proceeds will go to the creation of Pocoyo Forest in the island of Gran Canaria.


Pocoyo and his friends have a challenge: to help reforest the island of Gran Canaria and fight against climate change. How? Pocoyo's goal is to plant a tree for every child born in the Canary Islands during 2021. Zinkia and Koyi have already planted the first 1,000 trees, but Pocoyo and Gran Canaria need the love and effort from all of us. Will you sign up?


We have a total of 1000 trees planted. We need to keep growing, can you help us?

On going!

Educate yourself

The next step will be to create an educational classroom within the forest itself, where children will get to know that happens around this green space, learning sustainable values.

Coming soon!


We will turn the forest, once the trees grow enough, into a living and organic work of art. It will help people from all over the planet come there to see it, similar to the Oma forest by Agustín Ibarrola.

Coming soon!

This is possible, thanks to:

Gorra Bosque Pocoyó

Tree Planters

Become a Pocoyo Forest Tree Planter. Get your garment and, in addition to collaborating in the creation of the forest, you will be able to show your effort against climate change. Hat, sweater and other surprises.

Pocoyo Forest FAQs

Planting a tree. (Action carried out by the Canarian Foundation for Reforestation FORESTA.) It also includes:
  • - Customizable official diploma.
  • - Interactive game with the coordinates where we will plant in #PocoyoForest.
  • - Maintenance of your tree through the first three waterings (one every six months and always depending on the weather conditions). Action carried out by the Foresta Foundation.
  • - Identification of the tree with numeric ID (unique and lifetime).
We have two planting dates a year: February and October.
No, we would love to. The planting of the trees will always be carried out by the Fundación Foresta.
Of course. The plantation site is a public space that can be visited and has important ecological values. That is why we provide you with identification when making the purchase. Your number is unique and that means your tree is too.
Species typical of the thermophilic forest (wild olive, juniper, gumbo limbo, mastic, dragon tree, white broom, ...)
As a result of the fires in Gran Canaria in 2019, society has contributed to offset the damage caused by this catastrophe. This project was started to act in the vicinity of San José del Álamo (Gran Canaria). It is an area of ​​great ecological value included in the Protected Landscape of Pino Santo under the Canarian law of Protected Natural Spaces. Very close to the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, it is one of the places where there are still some strongholds of thermophilic forest and it is a priority area of ​​action to continue recovering this ecosystem so historically affected on the island.
You can collaborate as many times as you want. Acquire as many trees as you need.
Write to us at and we will tell you the next steps to follow.
Get in touch with Fundación Foresta ( They will explain the possibilities that exist.
Share this page with them! Use the hashtag #PocoyoForest on your social networks. The more of us, the better!

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