Restaurant Games: The waiter Pocoyo

Have fun with the waiter Pocoyo in the foods game

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Do you like the restaurant games? Do you often play to be a waiter with your friends? Have fun playing to the most entertaining games of restaurants at the hands of Pocoyo.

Pato is hungry and has decided to go to Pocoyo's restaurant to be delighted with his tasty foods. Would you like playing to be the waiter in the foods game?

In the best of the restaurant games, you will have to convert to Pocoyo in an attentive waiter who will serve foods to Pato.

If you want to be a good host and that your client is satisfied, you will have to be careful and serve to Pato the foods which he wants to taste.If you don't guess correctly, Pato will get angry and you will lose your one of the three lives that you have. When you lose the three lives of the waiter Pocoyo, the foods game will be over.

Compete with your friends to get higher scores in the restaurant games

In the restaurants game of Pocoyo, you will see how Pato has a circle painted over the head with a lunch included. Pato is thinking in request this food to the waiter. If you look, you will also see in the foods game, a table with several foods to choose from.

The foods game consists of selecting the food that you believe that Pato wishes to take. For each right option, you will get a score and you will continue playing. You will have tons of fun with the more entertaining restaurant games.

If you loved this game, you can vote it and discover other games for babies and children of Pocoyo. You will spend hours of fun with Pocoyo Candy Hunter.



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