Jumping games: trampoline game of Pocoyo

Your children will enjoy doing jump to Pocoyo in the trampoline game.

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Enjoy watching toddlers of the house laughing with jumping games of Pocoyo.

We are going to make Pocoyo jump with no break to get the best scores!

You will have to learn different types of jumps if you want to win trampoline games. Jump at the request of trampoline game. If you don’t jump in the right figure, Pocoyo will fall down on the floor and you will have to restart. You must follow the instructions about how to jump with Pocoyo in the jumping game.

To access to jumping games, you must click the Play button on the right of the trampolines of the main image. Once you press "Play", you will see how the game for kids is loaded and Pocoyo will start to jump on a trampolineUnder the trampoline, there are five buttons with the silhouette of Pocoyo jumping in different positions.

Buttons will illuminate individually with different colors depending on the figure Pocoyo has to make. When you see that any of the buttons lights up, go to the lit button with the mouse and click on it with the left button. Pocoyo will jump this way. Click several times until it shuts down that button and turn on the next, this way you will avoid that Pocoyo is falling down and the game is ending.

There are many jumping games but there are not as funny as Pocoyo’s. In this trampoline game, Pocoyo doesn’t stop jumping until the time by the watch in the upper left is finalized. When the time is over, Pato, Sleepy Bird and Loula will give a final score to the jumps.

You can do competitions about who gets the highest score to jumping games of Pocoyo. And you can also enjoy with Pocoyo's Dartboard game.




i like pocoyo games


Great games!


my lil bro loves this show


my 4 year old brother and me love this site!!!


I love to see pocoyo and my brother!!!! *-------*


jump, jump, FALL!


ilove u pocoyo




esta muy dibertido pocoyo cuando salta en el brincolin


I love Pocoyo! I wish they could add more games.


I love Pocoyo! I wish they could add more games.


love pocoyo to bits


this is fun


my son loves watching pocoyo! he laughs so hard!


i love pocoyo!!!!!


i love pocoyo very good game


i love this games and this video


we love pocoyo !!!!


i love to see pocoyo my 2 years old sister love this show


I watch Pocoyo on youtube!


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Pocoyo Games 2012


wow! like to this for to it


I like the new english verzion on nickelodeon


My daughter and I love this show. We laugh and enjoy it every evening together!

Donna Owens



My son love this show .! <3 :)

Mahir Khalif

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