Connect the dots: Pocoyo's game

Connect the dots: Pocoyo's game

There are some activities that help developing manual skills and visual capacity of the smallest of the house. One of these activities to improve hand-eye coordination is connect the dots with numbers or colored dots.

If you want to discover the secret of connect the dots game, please click the button "Download" and then print the template for connecting the dots. Once you have printed the sheet, you must to choose a color and look for the first number in order to connect the dots through of  by lines.

Each number can only be connected to the previous and next number that corresponds. For example, we´re going to paint a line that connect the dots one and two and another line connecting the dots two and three.

When you're done with one color, start with another and so on until you have completed the drawing. Finally, when the drawing is ready you will be able to cut it so that your children can give their personal touch with colors. Sure that the result is very great!

Also, too you can hang on the walls of your room the height chart of Pocoyo to check daily how much you grow.

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