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Your arts and crafts of Pocoyo

Send us your photos about your inventions and artworks

Is there much creativity and wit at your home? In this space you will be able to share with the community of friends of Pocoyo arts and crafts and inventions of your children.

We encourage you to show us your artworks and boast of them in the presence of all the fans your favorite cartoons. Make protagonist to Pocoyo, Elly, Pato and the rest of friends in your arts and crafts and inventions and you will see that fun.

You will be able to send us photos of your inventions and artworks or you will be able to inspire you with ideas that have been sent to us by other friends of Pocoyo. Many friends already have sent us their creations, how much creativity there is here!! Great inventions and arts and crafts!!!

Imagine hair bands, door hangers, plasticine dolls, brooches, ornaments, anything that you want develop with your favorite cartoon characters. Make artworks are funny options for enjoying and showing the wit.

We can't wait any longer to see your creativity through of the most original arts and crafts. If you want to send us your inventions, you will have to be registered users. Are you not registered, yet? Make it now; you're losing plenty of content aimed at the entertainment and amusement of the children.

You must upload the photos of your artworks of art through the "upload image" button that lies beneath this text.

In the community of friends of Pocoyo, all we users contribute with our photos and we can vote on arts and crafts and inventions that we like more, as well as share them in our social networks so that our friends can enjoy them.

Take your photo and upload it. Show us your creativity, and maybe, your artworks become the most voted. In addition, you will be able to also send us your pictures of birthday cakes, travels, and other contents that you would like to share with the friends of Pocoyo.

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