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Your Birthday party and other celebrations

Invite Pocoyo to celebrations for children

Would you like to celebrate a special birthday party for your children? Invite Pocoyo and his friends to the birthday parties and other celebrations and you will see as they enjoy with their favorite cartoons. It will be the best birthday party that you can offer them.

You can prepare party decorations with balloons, posters or drawings of the cartoons. You can make a birthday cake of Pocoyo, prepare a piñata or dress up as their idol, among many other ideas, to get a special birthday for them with their favorite character.

When they see to Pocoyo or one of his friends, all will be smiles and great enthusiasm and desire to have fun. Don't forget to take photos of party decorations and save them. You will want to see and remember the birthday parties and other celebrations in the future.

You can also get that Pocoyo sing them the song "happy birthday" with the Talking Pocoyo app or liven up the celebrations with songs. You'll see that surprise give them. Just, download the application, sing the song while you record it and you will see how Pocoyo repeats what you say.

We love the children's celebrations, so that's why you don't forget show us how you celebrate a special birthday party. Like this, everyone can pick up ideas. We would like to send us your photos of birthdays, your photos about party decorations, cards of invitation, cakes, piñatas or any funny ideas for kids that you can think.

We are looking forward to seeing them. To upload the photos of your children's parties and other celebrations, you must be registered on our website. Once you are registered, observe that at the end of this section there is a button "Upload image", which you will use to post your photos of birthday party. Have you seen all the friends which sent us their pictures of birthday? Don't stand behind you and share us your ideas.

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