Platform games: fruit games of Pocoyo

Teach your children to collect all the fruits with this online game.

The fruits game of Pocoyo is one of the funniest platform games for kids. The oldest and the youngest will have funny moments with Pocoyo´s game.

The online fruit games consist of dragging the mouse with the intention of collecting the fruits that you are going to find in your way.

Get all fruits with Pocoyo before time is up! Look at the clock on the top. When you have collected all apples, bananas, pears and other fruits, you will have completed this level and will pass to the next level of platform game.

The difficulty and time will be increased to gather the fruits as we move from one level to another. Make your score increase!

With this platform game the children will learn to develop ability and precision in mouse movements. They will also learn to face the challenge against the time. They also will be able to play as often as they want and compete to achieve the highest score. 

How do you pick the fruits with Pocoyo? The fruits game, besides being one of the most entertaining games, is also one of the easiest.

If you drag the mouse to the right side, you can see how Pocoyo goes to the right. If you do it to the left side, Pocoyo will move in that direction and if you want to jump with Pocoyo, you click on the left mouse button.

Entertain your children with platform games of Pocoyo! It will even teach them how to do chores in home. With fruit games we will teach them the importance of eating fruit if they want to be healthy and big as Pocoyo and friends.

Enjoy with fruit games, the best of platform games.


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Avatar judebejado
  • judebejado 29/05/2014 01:29
  • i love pocoyo games i wish tey add them
Avatar kenzie
  • kenzie 16/05/2014 09:55
  • best ever cartoon I love it uh huh true
Avatar Mazen
  • Mazen 07/02/2014 06:47
  • Hello
Avatar manijani
  • manijani 25/01/2014 08:37
  • Let's play Pocoyo.
Avatar karla
  • karla 25/01/2014 02:06
  • WE loved POCOCYO ever since me and my BABY brother where YONGER we love learning with POCOYO we love you POCOYO so much you can not even IMAGIN don't forget that we love you.
Avatar marina tejada
Avatar lulu
  • lulu 06/01/2014 01:44
  • I <3 pocoyo its still funny to us and were 9 and 11
Avatar scratchpoco
Avatar ulises rdz roste
Avatar ulises rdz roste

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