Pocoyo coloring games: online painting


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Pocoyo coloring games: online painting

Teach your children the colors with coloring games

Teach your children the colors with coloring games

Coloring games for kids Pocoyo and paint online are very entertaining. Enjoy together giving colors to their favorite characters. They will learn to identify visually the colors and the different areas of a drawing.

Paint online games are a great activity for children. There isn't risk of staining garments with paints, felt-tip pens, being an online coloring game. Also, you won’t need many materials, either.

It’s very easy to get these games to paint online. Only, you have to access the coloring game by clicking the Play button. Next, a template will be loaded with a picture, a color palette on the left and you will be able to see that the mouse has become a paintbrush.

We are going to coloring the picture loaded now. First, you will have to select the paint online, the most you like it. Now with the paintbrush, and once you have chosen the desired color, please click on the image area that you are going to fill in painting.

You will see how the area chosen is been colored with paints in coloring game. Next, do the same for the rest of the areas of the drawing and you will get it full colored.
Below the paintings palette of the coloring game, there is an icon where, if you click, you will be able to see how the drawing changes. For each of the selected drawings there are two blank templates for paint online.

Once drawings have been colored, hang them in the wall of your children rooms!  They will be able to be as creative as they wish with coloring games of Pocoyo.

In addition, coloring games of Pocoyo stimulate the memory exercise of toddlers when they copy the original colors the cartoons.


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    im 8 and i like Pocoyo.P.S.(I'm in love wit his show on nick or as i used to call it noggin!)

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    love you pocoyo

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    I like this game because its so cool

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    I love Pocoyo too!

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    i love pocoyo a lot hes so cute my favorite character is pocoyo

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    Hey can charecters chat?

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