Talking Pocoyo: Talk, play, dance and much more with the new App of Pocoyo!!

Now you are able to talk to Pocoyo anytime, anywhere with the NEW Talking Pocoyo app, available on iTunes!

Just in time for spring break and Easter holiday, children can have fun talking to their favorite friend, Pocoyo, wherever they go!

TALKING POCOYO will make your children laugh and learn. See what you can do!:

  • Talk to him and he’ll repeat everything you say!
  • Tickle him and see him smiling!
  • Play musical instruments with Pocoyo!
  • Guess which animal is Pocoyo imitating!
  • Learn how to dance with Pocoyo!
  • Share your videos with your friends


Visit iTunes today and download Talking Pocoyo for your iPhone, and coming soon iPad, to enjoy with your children!

If you have QR Code you can download it here:

Have you watched the video? Check it out! You’re gonna love it!!

4 thoughts on “Talking Pocoyo: Talk, play, dance and much more with the new App of Pocoyo!!

  1. Hello! My name is Edna.
    I bought pocoyo talking and its additional dance, but less than 24 hours after, the additional dances that I bought, become locked again. Why??? I would like that pocoyo’s entertaiments developers take a look and unlock them for us, because my little boy loves
    Pocoyo and want to play it again with all dances.
    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Edna,
      We will be glad to help you out with this issue. You will have additional dances that you bought as soon as possible.
      We only need your user name in iTunes in order to identify your purchase and solve this.

      Please send us an email to with your iTunes user name and we will contact you asap.

      Sorry for the inconvenience,
      Best regards,

      The Pocoyo Team

  2. We love the idea of Olympic games 2012 but the theme song after few minues is anoying!!!! how can I mute it?? It interferes with the Pocoyo songs to play.

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