Today is Work Harder Day

POCOYO and his friends Elly, Loula, Pato, Sleepy Bird, Little Bird, Caterpillar and Fred certainly have been working harder today.  They’ve posted 60 videos to the POCOYO YouTube channel ( so that you can watch and play along with them whenever you want, providing your parents say it’s okay, of course.  That means that if you missed the latest POCOYO episode on Nick Jr. either weekdays at 4p.m./1p.m. (eastern/pacific) or on weekends at 1p.m./10a.m. (eastern/pacific), or on Univision’s Planeta U on Saturday mornings at 8:30a.m., you can ask your parents to go online and visit POCOYO YouTube’s channel and still join POCOYO and his friends in their fun adventures.  And you can spend today working harder to enjoy POCOYO!

August is Family Fun Month. POCOYO is excited to celebrate Family Fun all month long!

Pocoyo and his friends Loula, Elly, Pato, Sleepy Bird, Little Bird, Caterpillar and Fred are just like a family because they love to spend time together and they all love to have fun, too.  Pocoyo would love to see how you and your family have fun together.  Take a photo of your family having fun together and post it to the Pocoyo Facebook page.

Don’t forget to tell us what you and your family like to do to have fun together.  And don’t forget to join Pocoyo and his friends in their fun adventures every weekday at 4:25 p.m. ET/1:25p.m. PT and weekends at 1:00 p.m.  ET/10 a.m. PT on Nick Jr.

Pocoyo is everywhere!

Did you know that you can visit with Pocoyo and his friends Loula, Elly, Pato, Sleepy Bird, Little Bird, Caterpillar and Fred anytime you want? Yes, it’s true. You can join in the fun with Pocoyo every day at 4:25 pm on Nick Jr. You can try to learn Spanish by watching Pocoyo on Saturday mornings on your local Univision station (check local listings). Ask your parents to help you find the Pocoyo channel on YouTube and you’ll be able to watch Pocoyo any time of the day!

There are also lots of wonderful adventures for you to share with Pocoyo available on DVDs and don’t forget those Pocoyo video games, too. And just when you think you’ve run out of things to do with Pocoyo…you can play with Pocoyo, his friends, and all the other fans of Pocoyo in the fun and safe online virtual environment at Pocoyo World.


Did you know that Pocoyo is now seen in more than 88 million homes in the U.S. on Nick Jr.?  The show airs at 4:25 pm every day of the week as well as other times during the day, encouraging us to “Learn through Laughter!”

Pocoyo can also be seen every Saturday morning at 8.30 am on Univision channel’s Planeta U and on Discovery Familia, as well as on select PBS stations across the U.S. 

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