Pocoyo Apps hit 10 Million Downloads

Pocoyo Apps

Pocoyo Apps

Madrid, April 3rd 2014: Zinkia Entertainment S.A. created the first Pocoyo app in June of 2010 and within four years has reached the massive milestone of 10 million downloads across 15 references available on all major digital platforms.

The collection that comprises a series of interactive storybooks, Pocoyo TV, Pocoyize, Talking Pocoyo, Talking Pato, Pocoyo Colouring and Pocoyo Gamebox are just some of the most popular apps that children can enjoy.

The Pocoyo apps are easy to use and offer a wide array of possibilities such as: reading interactive storybooks, playing and interacting with their favorite characters from the series, coloring in and playing musical instruments in a world that embraces the core values of the Learning Through Laughter philoposhy of the Brand.

Due to the high volume of downloads and positive reviews from fans, Google, the Apple IOS store and Amazon have all featured and promoted the Pocoyo branded applications. Talking Pocoyo has reached the number 1# position in the Apple IOS store 96 times worldwide and has ranked in the top 5 in the Apple IOS store 282 times internationally!

Julio Covacho, Zinkia’s CEO, stated that “Zinkia Entertainment continues to work and develop new content in the digital space to grow an already successful digital franchise and put a smile on the faces of our young fans”.

From the entire team 10 million thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

We are now 10 Million times happier thanks to all of you!

Apps Pocoyo 10 Million downloads

Thanks to All of You!


Enjoy all Pocoyo apps in the Official Pocoyo Website! Take Pocoyo with you and your children everywhere and have fun with them! The best way to ‘Learning Through Laughter!

Whew! It’s been a very busy time, hasn’t it?

But now that the holidays are over and the New Year has begun, it’s time to have some fun!  How about visiting POCOYO’s website and playing some fun games?  You can have your parents help you go to http://www.pocoyo.com/en/craft-projects and download all the fun games that you can play at home.  There’s one game where you try to match the footprints to the character that created them.  Sometimes things look like they are easy to do, but don’t be fooled.  Then you can download fun drawings to color, or you can learn to write your letters with POCOYO or Elly.  You can also make a friendship box or you can try and find your way through the race maze.  There’s so many fun ways to spend time with POCOYO and his friends.

Did you have a Happy Thanksgiving?

POCOYO had a wonderful day! Elly and Loula said they ate too much, but they all had fun making their “thankful chain.”  Did you and your family make a thankful chain? If you did, take a picture of your family with your thankful chain and post it on POCOYO’s Facebook page.  And since the day after Thanksgiving is usually spend around the house, just hanging out with family and friends, maybe your parents will help you log on to www.Pocoyoworld.com, the virtual world where you can create your own personal POCOYO character that looks just like you!  You can also play games, videos, and other activities based with all your friends from the POCOYO TV series.  Your parents will have to help you register, which is free, and can also help you get started exploring the many adventures you can have in POCOYO World.

When it’s too hot to play outside, join Pocoyo and his friends online.

You can visit Pocoyo’s online virtual world, www.pocoyoworld.com where you can create special characters that look just like you to play games, meet other Pocoyo fans and even earn points for all sorts of cool things.  You can also visit www.pocoyo.com and watch video demonstrations of games, download wallpapers and screen savers, send Pocoyo e-cards to your friends and much more. And don’t forget the Pocoyo Facebook page!  You can post pictures of you and your friends, look at pictures of other Pocoyo fans, click on the YouTube button and watch Pocoyo videos and you can even create a Pocoyized image of yourself for your own Facebook page.

When was the last time you visited Pocoyo online?

Have you played in Pocoyo World?  Have you created your very own animated version of yourself with the Pocoyize app?  And have you heard about the new Pocoyo Gamebox App?

So many questions, but Pocoyo has so many new things he is excited about!  And he wants to share these fun games and adventures with all his friends.  One thing that Pocoyo is really excited about is that you can win rewards by playing the Jumping, Tower Building, Skipping Rope, Shooting Darts and Racing Cars games in the Pocoyo Gamebox app and then you can use those rewards when you visit Pocoyo World and create even more fun!  Have your parents go with you to visit the Pocoyo website www.pocoyo.com to learn more about Pocoyo’s apps.

Have you visited POCOYO World yet?

It’s so much fun.  If you haven’t gone to Pocoyo World yet, have your parents help you log on to www.pocoyoworld.com.  You can visit and share in so many fun experiences and adventures with Pocoyo and his friends. And it’s free, too!  You can even create your own Pocoyo character, making it look just like you by choosing hair style and color, the eyes and mouth and even the clothes it wears.  You can earn points by playing games like The Fruit Game and meet other children who are friends with Pocoyo, too. Give it a try by visiting pocoyoworld.com; you’re going to love it.

A castle of excitement

My cousin always wanted to live in a castle like a true princess! Needless to say that each time that she built her own—with a few carefully placed cardboard boxes—her cousins tore her castle down, only to rebuild it as their own! For us, it was simply a game.

A short time ago, I had lunch with my two cousins and we ended up talking about our childhood adventures, and in particular, our cousin’s disappointment at having her Continue reading


Did you know that Pocoyo is now seen in more than 88 million homes in the U.S. on Nick Jr.?  The show airs at 4:25 pm every day of the week as well as other times during the day, encouraging us to “Learn through Laughter!”

Pocoyo can also be seen every Saturday morning at 8.30 am on Univision channel’s Planeta U and on Discovery Familia, as well as on select PBS stations across the U.S. 

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Halloween has spread outside the borders of the US and now is becoming a tradition in many other countries, which intends to scare people in a funny way. So this year, for the second time in a row, we have decided to recreate this moment at www.pocoyoworld.com with costumes of vampires and witches in many colors, talking pumpkins, funny spiders and friendly ghosts to give other kids a terrible fright. According to experts, celebrations such as Halloween help kids humanize their fears and overcome any possible anxiety. Here at Zinkia, more than one of us still sleep with the lights on! :-)

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Pocoyo World figurines

You can’t even imagine how cool the collectable Pocoyo figurines are that Panini have just launched in Spain! A set of around thirty figurines have been developed, based on the virtual game environment of Pocoyo World and it’s a fact that we are all crazy about them here in Zinkia :-)

We all remember perfectly the excitement of opening a pack of picture cards when we were children. Walking hand in hand with your father, asking the shopkeeper for them, and fondling them before opening them up. Ahhhhhhh, opening them! More than a mere ritual, it is an experience. It almost becomes a necessity. Opening a pack without knowing what awaits you inside is unbeatable.

And if in this case, you find one of the most carefully, well-made and attractive Pocoyo products that are just off the shelf, it´s the icing on the cake. We believe that they will be a hit with the kids, but adults alike will also be smitten. In each individual pack, we will meet Pocoyo, in several poses, surrounded by his friends and dressed in several ways. There are also several figurines of Elly and Pato, as well as Sleepy Bird and Loula. Other attractive figurines are the Avatars of Pocoyo World, dressed up in a range of costumes (such as firemen, indians etc) and suits.

Oh! As you should also know, every pack, besides having a figurine from Pocoyo World, also contains a collectable card that forms part of two games (of memory and skill) and a code that allows you to enjoy five complementary days as a Club Premium member of Pocoyo World as well as obtaining exclusive pets, vehicles and fancy dress for your character in this virtual game. It´s amazing! XDD

Now we are at the desk where Julio Díaz, our Head of Design at Zinkia works.

Isn't that cool?