Pocoyo World figurines

You can’t even imagine how cool the collectable Pocoyo figurines are that Panini have just launched in Spain! A set of around thirty figurines have been developed, based on the virtual game environment of Pocoyo World and it’s a fact that we are all crazy about them here in Zinkia :-)

We all remember perfectly the excitement of opening a pack of picture cards when we were children. Walking hand in hand with your father, asking the shopkeeper for them, and fondling them before opening them up. Ahhhhhhh, opening them! More than a mere ritual, it is an experience. It almost becomes a necessity. Opening a pack without knowing what awaits you inside is unbeatable.

And if in this case, you find one of the most carefully, well-made and attractive Pocoyo products that are just off the shelf, it´s the icing on the cake. We believe that they will be a hit with the kids, but adults alike will also be smitten. In each individual pack, we will meet Pocoyo, in several poses, surrounded by his friends and dressed in several ways. There are also several figurines of Elly and Pato, as well as Sleepy Bird and Loula. Other attractive figurines are the Avatars of Pocoyo World, dressed up in a range of costumes (such as firemen, indians etc) and suits.

Oh! As you should also know, every pack, besides having a figurine from Pocoyo World, also contains a collectable card that forms part of two games (of memory and skill) and a code that allows you to enjoy five complementary days as a Club Premium member of Pocoyo World as well as obtaining exclusive pets, vehicles and fancy dress for your character in this virtual game. It´s amazing! XDD

Now we are at the desk where Julio Díaz, our Head of Design at Zinkia works.

Isn't that cool?

Drawing hope

Two months ago, the Theodora Foundation organized a drawing competition in Spain for all the children in hospitals with the help and collaboration from their “Doctors of Happiness”. Since we have been donating a percentage of our Pocoyo DVD sales in Spain for years, we wanted to do our bit and provide them with all our support on this cause.

You cannot even begin to imagine the stories behind each drawing.  Some of us within the team could not hold back the tears when we heard them. These children are the best example of what it means to have a true determination to better oneself. Do you want to see the winning drawings?


Last week, the children who made the winning drawings and their parents paid Zinkia a visit. Some of them traveled more than 600 kilometers to attend such an event!

The Doctors of Happiness and Pocoyo were there, waiting to present them with the certificates they deserved as winners. They were excited and embarrassed in equal measures. Their faces were a picture. They were the winners! They were and ARE. What they did not know was that they were TRULY GREAT from the moment they won the battle against such complex conditions.

Oh! As you might expect, they also received a pack of Pocoyo products :-)

 Once the prizes were awarded, it was time for the final surprise. They were to become the first children to see a three-episode premiere of the brand-new Pocoyo season, which will be aired in Spain real soon!

Come on! Let’s have a photo taken with Pocoyo! one of them said. Said and done XD

It was a great day for us. It was one of those days when you go to bed and think about it, and realized it has given your job meaning. All of us who were there admire these kids. Our admiration is as strong as their hope…

Thank you children and CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!


World Animal Day

Many of us working at Zinkia own pets and we would surely do anything for them. One of our most beloved pets is ‘Panchito’, who belongs to Pedro Amán, our Character Technical Director.

Pedro Amán&Panchito 

Isn’t he adorable?

Last Wednesday we found ‘something’ around the stairs in the office. ‘It’s a bat! It’s a rat!’, a very scared person said. It was actually dark and we did not know what it was. ‘It’s a swift!’, the company’s ‘vet’ noted. Swifts spend most of their lives up in the air; they eat, sleep and mate while flying. They only touch down to lay eggs, hatch and raise their chicks. They fly continuously for nine months of the year. The chicks leave the nest one morning by suddenly taking off, without needing to learn beforehand, and they never return. At night, these birds rise as high as 2,000 m, where they sleep while flying. While asleep, their wing flapping goes from their usual 10 movements per second down to only 7. Given their strange airborne habits, many things are still unknown about the life of these birds. If a swift falls down to the floor, it will find it extremely difficult to get back up into the air. 

That was when his fairy godmother appeared, namely Maria Doolan (our MD Brand & Business Development) She saw our very own 'Baby Bird’ in him, and, just like Elly did with Pocoyo, decided to take him home and look after him all weekend by feeding him milk and insects. They said goodbye to each other yesterday. 
All those of you who want to help animals in general can do it by taking part in the ‘World Animal Day’ held today :-) (http://www.worldanimalday.org.uk)

Today more than ever before, Pocoyo is planning on having a great time with a duck, an elephant, an octopus and a puppy!

Pocoyo Magazine!

You’ve been asking us for ages to put a tangible Pocoyo magazine on the market so that you can read it with your children. Well, drum roll please… on 15 September, most Spanish newsstands put it on sale. In just three days all copies sold out and we even had to distribute more which we hadn’t initially anticipated!

Pocoyo World – that’s the name of the magazine. It contains adventures, scoops, games and, naturally, lots of learning. The magazine, published by Panini, is available monthly and includes all of the information related to Pocoyo so you will find out about all of the latest Pocoyo news. Its content is geared towards children aged between 3 and 8 but you can also enjoy the magazine as each issue comes with fun gifts, such as miniatures of the characters, exclusive toys, stickers, etc.

At the moment, the first issue of the magazine comes with the sticker album, two envelopes of stickers and a Pocoyo anti-stress toy that the youngsters can play with and the older ones can relax with.

Now we know who took all the copies XDDDD

Pocoyo awarded in Venezia!!!

In 2006, Pocoyo won three Pulcinella Awards (one of the country’s most prestigious awards), but it is now that Pocoyo has started to form part of Italian society. Rai, Italy’s biggest television company, believes in Pocoyo and is dedicated to making it one of its star contents over the next few years. We were able to see a fine example of this last weekend. These awards, in their eighth edition within the 64th international display of Italian cinema, were presented today at the Venice Lido. 

The Kineo Awards are selected from amongst the previous year’s most successful cinema and audiovisual productions. With regard to Pocoyo, the series has gained public recognition due to the interest it has sparked since it premiered in March on Rai Due and Rai Yoyo (specialised Italian children’s channel).

Look at how Pocoyo arrived at the Festival’s red carpet!

No doubt Pato stayed there as a gondolier :-)

Advice from Super Pocoyo (II): To recycle is Life

Instilling certain values in children from a very young age will teach us how to live together in a civil fashion and with supportive future outlooks. One of these is recycling, which is becoming increasingly necessary. This could well be defined as obtaining raw materials from waste and introducing them into the life cycle once again. In this manner, children acquire fundamental values while following a process.

Isn’t that right, Pocoyo?

The making of Pocoyo World (II): Games and activities. Learning and laughing.

When we started to develop the idea of Pocoyo World, the first thing we thought of was to create a virtual environment that fulfilled the main aim of the series: to learn through laughter. It became very obvious that we would have to make the most of the technology available to us to make any activity within www.mundopocoyo.com a learning and, what’s more, fun activity, which was a complicated situation because in this case children are not just the spectators of the adventures of its character, rather THEY are the direct protagonists, and their learning is directly linked to their decisions and actions.

In general, there are many advantages to videogame interaction, and there is a direct relationship between each of these and the games and activities on www.mundopocoyo.com:

Spatial orientation: the use of videogames, in the majority of cases, allows children to gain a significant grasp of orientation. Games such as Mini Racing Pocoyo or Fun butterflies reinforce this aspect thanks to a simple control system. In addition, the mere act of going around the three-dimensional environment by foot or in a vehicle assists this type of learning.

Attention capacity: videogames can help the ability to concentrate on certain stimuli. According to several studies, people who frequently play videogames have a greater ability to concentrate than others. If, in addition, we reinforce that with memory and observation games such as Pato’s Restaurant or Hide and Seek, the result is even more satisfactory.

Visual-motor coordination: Games such as Shoot and color or Bumper Cars help to develop reflexes and movement coordination. At the same time, children learn how to operate devices such as the mouse or the keyboard through simple activities and in the company of their favorite characters.

Resolution of difficult situations and decision-making: Activities such as Tidy up your room or Seeds and plants, develop the ability to solve everyday problems, the search for possible solutions or responses and the ability to reason.

Education: From an educational perspective, interactive activities and videogames are a very effective medium. The activities on www.mundopocoyo.com take the format of a videogame but explore purely educational concepts such as numbers (Magic numbers) or looking after the environment (Play and recycle). Other activities such as Stickers or Paint and color in reinforce children’s artistic expression and their artistic side.

Within the collection of over 20 free games and activities at www.mundopocoyo.com, children can choose the one they enjoy the most, while parents can also choose the one that teaches them the most. www.mundopocoyo.com is intended to be shared, to be enjoyed as a family, and above all, as we said at the beginning, to learn through laughter.

www.pocoyoworld.com: values and fun!

Those of you who have been to www.mundopocoyo.com already know that it has different zones full of new content. For those of you who are yet to enter the site, there is an infinite number of surprises awaiting you, which will guarantee fun for your children and help them to correctly familiarise themselves with the use of new technologies, while learning a series of values from Pocoyo and his friends.

Why don’t we show the children Pocoyo’s undersea world and familiarise them with this environment while teaching them how to be responsible with the care that an aquarium needs? What child doesn’t like to dress up as a pirate? And what if we show them the advantages of having their own vegetable patch in a greenhouse? No sooner said than done.

At www.mundopocoyo.com you can put your aquarium anywhere in your private world but you will still need a few things as the aquarium is not fully built . To finish it, you need glass, planks, screws and nuts, which you will be able to get as presents from other players. A really fun way of getting the pieces you need is to invite someone to your private world and to ask them for those pieces through the new secure chat system. When your aquarium is complete, you will be able to get fish, look after them and feed them. And once they have grown enough, you can set them free to get tickets or let them live in your fish tank as long as you want. Although it’s his natural habitat, we don’t think Octopus would want to stay in the aquarium because he wouldn’t be able to sing opera in the water in his unique way.

Come to the pirate party dressed up as a captain, a pirate or a mermaid, get your own boat and set off on adventures across the seven seas. What’s more, get all of the new objects to turn your boat into a real pirate ship, including treasure chests, flags and pirate parrots. And after your adventures on the seas, wear one of the new summer T-shirts that have arrived in the shop and enjoy the new summer drawings to colour in. 

For anyone who wants to enjoy growing their own plants, a magnificent greenhouse will soon be available which you will be able to build using the pieces your friends send you. Once your greenhouse is built, you will be able to grow many types of plants such as corn, grapes or different kinds of flowers, and get tickets once you have made them grow. You will have to give them fertiliser and water, as well as protecting them from the harmful worm pests. So now you know – put on your gloves, get your watering can ready and get growing!  XDD

Are you going to wait for someone to tell you about it? Go to www.mundopocoyo.com and discover this explosion of fun values :-)

Advice from Super Pocoyo (II)

‘We know that children do not really like being told to go clean their teeth. So, to make sure they continue to pick up good habits in a fun way, we are introducing a new Super Pocoyó piece of advice! The thing is, there is nothing more refreshing than a smile after giving your teeth a good brush :-)

Play this video to your little ones and tell us what they did after!’

Spain’s Red Octopus :-)

This posting is for those of you football lovers who enjoyed the World Cup that took place in South Africa last month. If you are one of those, then you probably know who ‘Paul the Octopus’ is. If not, do not worry because it does not matter how many powers that cephalopod has, we do not think he can change the world. Well, on second thoughts, something has actually changed in Spain…if you do not believe it, then ask ‘Fred:-)