A leap year: And what is it?

Today is February 29th. It’s a unique day that happens only every 4 years. For this reason, Pato is explaining to Pocoyo what Leap Year is:
Pato:  How many seconds are there in 1 minute?
Pocoyo: 60 seconds!
Pato: And how many minutes are there in 1 hour?
Pocoyo: 60 minutes!

Pato: Good… and how many days are there in 1 Year?
Pocoyo: 365 days!! (Pocoyo shouts this aloud, quite sure that he is right)

Pato: Not always!! Sometimes 1 Year takes 366 days instead of 365 days…
Pocoyo: Wowww! How is this possible?

Pato:  Because 2012 is a Leap Year!
Pocoyo: A what year?!

Pato: A Leap Year. It’s a year containing one additional day. It happens every 4 years.

Pocoyo: Ohh! So this year we can do many more things because we have one more day. Am I right Pato?
Pato: You’re right Pocoyo! And what do you want to do with this extra day…?
Pocoyo: Hmmm…I really don’t know….. Oh,  I know, I know – let’s use it to just play and have fun all day long!!

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming and Pocoyo and his friends are very excited. Pocoyo loves all the lights and holiday decorations and the smell of Christmas trees and all the goodies being baked. Pocoyo also loves Christmas because all of his family and friends celebrate this holiday together. Elly makes special cookies, Pato wraps up corn and seeds as presents, and Loula knows that Pocoyo is going to give her a special treat, too. On Christmas Eve, the night before Christmas, Pocoyo and his friends go door to door in their neighborhood, singing songs about winter and Christmas for their neighbors. This is called caroling, and it’s a wonderful holiday tradition. Does your family have special things that they do every year for the holidays? If so, those are your family’s traditions. Have your parents help you post one of your favorite holiday traditions here on Pocoyo’s Facebook page. Pocoyo can’t wait to see what other kids do for the holidays and wishes everyone a Happy Holiday and a Merry Christmas.

Did you have a Happy Thanksgiving?

POCOYO had a wonderful day! Elly and Loula said they ate too much, but they all had fun making their “thankful chain.”  Did you and your family make a thankful chain? If you did, take a picture of your family with your thankful chain and post it on POCOYO’s Facebook page.  And since the day after Thanksgiving is usually spend around the house, just hanging out with family and friends, maybe your parents will help you log on to www.Pocoyoworld.com, the virtual world where you can create your own personal POCOYO character that looks just like you!  You can also play games, videos, and other activities based with all your friends from the POCOYO TV series.  Your parents will have to help you register, which is free, and can also help you get started exploring the many adventures you can have in POCOYO World.

Summer is almost over and children everywhere are getting ready for school.

Pocoyo wishes he could go to school, but he’s not old enough yet.  But he and his friends Loula, Elly, Pato, Sleepy Bird, Little Bird, Caterpillar and Fred still love to learn. But instead of learning from teachers and books, they learn from the world around them and each other.  In fact, every day when Pocoyo and his friends set out on a new adventure, they always learn something they didn’t know before.  It makes the whole day even more exciting.  Think of all the things you learn as you go through your day.  Do you parents help to teach you about the world around you?  Do you friends show you how to do something you didn’t know how to do before? Ask your parents to help you make a list of everything you learn for just one week.  You’ll be amazed at how many things are on your list!

Fun and Dance with Pocoyo

POCOYO and his friends are excited because this is American Dance Week! Don’t you just love to dance with POCOYO and his friends Ella, Pato and Loula?  You can dance with POCOYO and his friends anytime you want to when you play the Fun and Dance with Pocoyo DVD. It’s packed with fun stories, music and lots of dancing.  And you can share it with your family and friends, too.  If you don’t have the DVD, your parents can order it through Amazon by visiting www.amazon.com.  You can also visit POCOYO’s Big Party (http://www.pocoyo.com/en/) online and dance along with Pocoyo and his friends that way, too!  Just remember, a day without dancing is like, well, a day without dancing!

Did you know that there are almost half a million words in our English Language?

That means that English is the largest language on earth. Every day you hear lots of words, and with some help from your family and friends, you can learn to read and write words, too. And with so many words, reading becomes a very important skill to learn!  You can start by having your parents read books with you. Pocoyo has many favorite books he can share with you and your family. There’s Pocoyo Feelings: A First Jigsaw Book; Pocoyo Can Count: A First Book of Numbers; Pocoyo Discovers Colors: A First Book of Colors and Pocoyo and Friends: A First Book of Friendship.  The Book of Friendship is the one POCOYO loves to read to Loula, Pato, Elly, Sleepy Bird, Little Bird, Caterpillar and Fred.  Since today is Book Lover’s Day, find the book you love and ask your parents to help you read

August is Family Fun Month. POCOYO is excited to celebrate Family Fun all month long!

Pocoyo and his friends Loula, Elly, Pato, Sleepy Bird, Little Bird, Caterpillar and Fred are just like a family because they love to spend time together and they all love to have fun, too.  Pocoyo would love to see how you and your family have fun together.  Take a photo of your family having fun together and post it to the Pocoyo Facebook page.

Don’t forget to tell us what you and your family like to do to have fun together.  And don’t forget to join Pocoyo and his friends in their fun adventures every weekday at 4:25 p.m. ET/1:25p.m. PT and weekends at 1:00 p.m.  ET/10 a.m. PT on Nick Jr.

Let’s picnic!

July is also National Picnic month, Baked Bean Month, Hot Dog Month, and Ice Cream Month.  Funny how all of those things end up being celebrated in the month of July.  But it does all go together to make a perfect picnic lunch for Pocoyo and his friends!  Do you and your family go on picnics?

Some people picnic at the beach or lake and some people like to picnic in the mountains or at the park.  Where’s your favorite place to have a picnic?  Some people like to eat sandwiches and chips at a picnic and some people like to cook hot dogs and hamburgers outside at a picnic.  What food do you like to eat for your picnic lunch?  Ask your parents to take you on a picnic this weekend…but be careful with the ice cream, it might melt in the picnic basket!

Pocoyo World figurines

You can’t even imagine how cool the collectable Pocoyo figurines are that Panini have just launched in Spain! A set of around thirty figurines have been developed, based on the virtual game environment of Pocoyo World and it’s a fact that we are all crazy about them here in Zinkia :-)

We all remember perfectly the excitement of opening a pack of picture cards when we were children. Walking hand in hand with your father, asking the shopkeeper for them, and fondling them before opening them up. Ahhhhhhh, opening them! More than a mere ritual, it is an experience. It almost becomes a necessity. Opening a pack without knowing what awaits you inside is unbeatable.

And if in this case, you find one of the most carefully, well-made and attractive Pocoyo products that are just off the shelf, it´s the icing on the cake. We believe that they will be a hit with the kids, but adults alike will also be smitten. In each individual pack, we will meet Pocoyo, in several poses, surrounded by his friends and dressed in several ways. There are also several figurines of Elly and Pato, as well as Sleepy Bird and Loula. Other attractive figurines are the Avatars of Pocoyo World, dressed up in a range of costumes (such as firemen, indians etc) and suits.

Oh! As you should also know, every pack, besides having a figurine from Pocoyo World, also contains a collectable card that forms part of two games (of memory and skill) and a code that allows you to enjoy five complementary days as a Club Premium member of Pocoyo World as well as obtaining exclusive pets, vehicles and fancy dress for your character in this virtual game. It´s amazing! XDD

Now we are at the desk where Julio Díaz, our Head of Design at Zinkia works.

Isn't that cool?

Drawing hope

Two months ago, the Theodora Foundation organized a drawing competition in Spain for all the children in hospitals with the help and collaboration from their “Doctors of Happiness”. Since we have been donating a percentage of our Pocoyo DVD sales in Spain for years, we wanted to do our bit and provide them with all our support on this cause.

You cannot even begin to imagine the stories behind each drawing.  Some of us within the team could not hold back the tears when we heard them. These children are the best example of what it means to have a true determination to better oneself. Do you want to see the winning drawings?


Last week, the children who made the winning drawings and their parents paid Zinkia a visit. Some of them traveled more than 600 kilometers to attend such an event!

The Doctors of Happiness and Pocoyo were there, waiting to present them with the certificates they deserved as winners. They were excited and embarrassed in equal measures. Their faces were a picture. They were the winners! They were and ARE. What they did not know was that they were TRULY GREAT from the moment they won the battle against such complex conditions.

Oh! As you might expect, they also received a pack of Pocoyo products :-)

 Once the prizes were awarded, it was time for the final surprise. They were to become the first children to see a three-episode premiere of the brand-new Pocoyo season, which will be aired in Spain real soon!

Come on! Let’s have a photo taken with Pocoyo! one of them said. Said and done XD

It was a great day for us. It was one of those days when you go to bed and think about it, and realized it has given your job meaning. All of us who were there admire these kids. Our admiration is as strong as their hope…

Thank you children and CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!