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To do something outside your own country is a great challenge. You cannot imagine the huge effort we had to make, particularly being a new company breaking into the market.  We tried, as is a logical first step, to find a partner within our own country to get Pocoyo up and running, but the truth is that we didn´t find many open doors, in fact  it was the complete opposite.  From the business point of view of in Spain, the younger audience (0-4 yrs) does not really factor, and therefore promoters are not easy to come by (evidently we don´t think too much about our children … a bit alarming wouldn´t you say?).  But that´s the way it is, I´m sure that soon they will start to explore the different ideas being discovered in other countries.

Determined not to give in, we went in search of partners outside of Spain, and we found them (one of the best and from one of the countries with the biggest tradition of preschool programmes throughout the world).  Now with Pocoyo launched in England, Scotland, Wales, Canada and Australia and sold in 50 other territories.  We´ve got that feeling you get you´re watching a film and the “good guy” overcomes all the obstacles and wins!

One of the major milestones which has given us a massive boost lately has been the selling of the series in Japan. The Japanese have, in our opinion, one of the world´s highest standards of series, drama and animation, and to think that we are going to be a part of this, it makes us feel very proud … I hope that they like it, we´re keeping our fingers crossed.


p.s we don´t understand Japanese, but it looks great doesn´t it?!!!

David Cantolla

4 thoughts on “Pocoyo Japan…

  1. おめでとうございます!&初めまして!

  2. Will it be able to see japanese episodes outside of japan? This could be a great help in learning japanese. =)
    And yeah, maybe it should be in katakana instead of hiragana… =P

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