Pocoyo “The movie”

Publicado 17 de September de 2007 por Zinkia Team


Maybe is a good idea, maybe not..we are deeply thinking about it, first of all it`s not the same 6 minutes script than 90 minutes…long way! Will it works?..and what about white backrounds…definitily we have to think about other places, underwater, space, yes, but some more also…
Its going to be a huge challenge, but what if is it possible!!!…lets give it a try, at least lets see how a Pocoyo script for a film would be.
We are already involved in the develop of a new series and we are not planning doing Pocoyo´s 3rd seasion by the moment. It´s too long to explain here why, we first need to consolidate the series, and this is really hard for a preschool one. I think we will, but in the next years and at this time we will need to develop diferent contents as, for istance the movie.
We did some tries with the illumination which is one of the more important issues in this adventure as long as we just work with this caracteristics white backgrounds and global ilumination.
Samanta Undari, the profesional who´s in charge of the matter, did a great job bringing Pocoyo to the inside sets, here you have a couple of examples.


David Cantolla
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  • Bruno Pacheco 17/9/2007
  • I think i would love a Pocoyo full motion picture, with lot of different settings and backgrounds. I’m already with a big smile on my face as i see the duck and pocoyo in the bed. You managed to creat some of the most cute cartoons i’ve seen in years… im 21 years old and i simply love Pocoyo. I watch it every afternoon on a Portuguese channel with my little 5 year old brother, and we laugh and laugh and laugh. Well done guys, and keep the excellent work. You have 2 fans here in Portugal.

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  • rocio 18/9/2007
  • I would love to see a Pocoyo movie.
    With its smooth animation, adorable characters, clever stories, funny facial expressions, plus new scenarios; everything sounds so good.
    Im 23 and i watch pocoyo. I have told everyone i know with young children about pocoyo and they all agreed it is an amazing show that kids and grown ups adore.
    I see the challenge this movie would mean to everyone involved in this project, however I, as a pocoyo fan, can only encourage you to make it come true.

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  • Penni 18/9/2007
  • Though part of the charm and originality of Pocoyo is the white background, it would be good if you could retain it for some of the flick – maybe you need some parallel storylines, with a richer background for one storyline and the white background for another – you could use it to great effect in structuring the story and it could be a clear visual clue for preschoolers to help denote story development.
    Good luck!!

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  • Denise 18/9/2007
  • WOW DAVID!!! That looks fantastic! I love the whole concept of a movie and richer, more challenging visuals!
    One thing you can probably rely on, is that many adults and older kids will want to go and see a Pocoyo movie, not just pre-schoolers, so in many ways a movie will cater to all the grown up fans of Pocoyo as well as the little ones. You might even be able to promote it that way so as to encourage them to come! :) “Bring a toddler, bring your friends!” :D
    I know I’ll go, toddler in hand or not! :D
    Samanta did a wonderful job too, please let her know we like her work!
    We’re with you all the way, David!
    Kind regards,
    Denise xx

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  • alejandra 19/9/2007

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  • Yanni 19/9/2007
  • I love pocoyo! I’m an animator and have just started working in an animation studios.. learning from the basics again such as pose to pose animation! Pocoyo’s animation helps me understand the simple idea of pose to pose animation so much! And i love it when Pocoyo giggles! Can’t wait to see it come on movie!

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  • Ricardo O. Terrivel 20/9/2007
  • This is a very good idea, and I would truly keep an eye on the whole process. However, it would require a totally different script, you are right. But it is not like a sweet child adventure haven’t been done before.
    Good luck with your decision, whatever it is. I will be cheering for you all!

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  • Heidy 21/9/2007
  • Saludos, sería estupendo ver una pelicula e Pocoyo, aunque claro se que es mucho trabajo y la aventura hay que desarrollarla muy bien pero vosotros sois excelentes.
    Cuantan conmigo mis peques mi marido para ver la pelicula si la haceis al cine, asi que ya sabeis aqui os apoyamos en todo.
    DENISE los juguetes de Pocoyo los consigues en “el Corte Ingles”
    Suerte y espero que se haga la peli, byeeee

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  • miss jennifer horton 21/9/2007
  • my son would love a pocoyo movie he is 2and ahalf and is fanatical about pocoyo plse make the moovie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  • asyidah 21/9/2007
  • Well splendid!! would love to watch that, Pocoyo Movie, Sweet…. just hope to get the chance to watch it, im from Singapore.

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  • Florencia 21/9/2007
  • Hola amigos,
    Soy Florencia, tengo 2 años y escribo desde Chile. Quiero contarles que me gusta mucho Pocoyo y me gustaria mucho poder tener un peluche de el. Aca en Chile no venden muchos y los que encuentro son demasiado caros y mis papis no pueden comprarmelo. Por favor, si Pocoyo pudieran mandarme un saludo me pondria muy feliz.
    Ojala que pudieran hacer la pelicula, mis papas y yo las iriamos a ver.

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  • neocoyo (pocoyo sage) 24/9/2007
  • A pocoyo movie would be great, but as you said David the hardest thing will be making a storyline both children and adults will enjoy together without doing anything “un-pocoyo” like. =0)

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  • José 24/9/2007
  • I like Pocoyo very much… I wish I had childs so I could go and see the movie with them!!!
    Now that I think about it…
    Good luck with the movie, team!!!! Sure you will find a good plot for it!

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  • Racheepoo 25/9/2007
  • I LOVE POCOYO!!! He is adorable. I hope you’ll make the movie. I bet you guys would do a fantastic job on it. I am 11 but I still love him. POCOYO!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
    Cheers! :D
    Rachel Loh from Singapore :)

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  • Dave green 27/9/2007
  • My son loves Pocoyo but has moved on to other programes. BUT if he saw a movie of the little blue fella i’m sure he would love it.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the movie, we love Pocoyo.
    Would be interesting if you could extend the brand into Pocoyo growing up ????????

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  • Denise 29/9/2007
  • To Dave Green,
    “Would be interesting if you could extend the brand into Pocoyo growing up ????????”
    hmm…I’m not sure that would work. It would be like seeing Bart Simpson actually grow up. His appeal is his immaturity and daring to do things for which adults would be held highly accountable! LOL!
    Pocoyo is for generation after generation of toddlers and the adults who love them.
    It’s a bit like a puppy or a kitten that no one wants to grow up, just stay cute, lovable and slightly helpless so they need us. That’s Pocoyo too, at least for me. :) Pocoyo allows that everlastingness to exist. Besides, I love his giggles! hehehe!

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  • Paige ^^ 29/9/2007
  • Oh My GOD
    Im Fourteen Years Old And Pocoyo Is The Best Program In The World
    I Can Assure You, It Wont Be Just Toddlers Wanting To See It
    Ill Be Waiting At The Front Of That Line The day It Comes Out!
    Bring On Pocoyo the Movie!!
    :) Teehee! xx

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  • Jorge I . Figueroa Sarcos 30/9/2007
  • Una pelicula de Pocoyo seria fabulosa! Saludos desde Venezuela!
    PD: Opino que mantengan el fondo blanco, pero alternarlo con escenas un poco menos complicadas como las que muestran seria bueno, Pocoyo tiene una firma personal en eso del fondo blanco y no seria bueno perder ese toque tan de ustedes ;)

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  • dooey 4/10/2007
  • omgg i would want to see a pocoyo movie!!! it’ll be soo fun!!
    im nearly 20 and me and me friends still absolutely adore pocoyo!!

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  • Kei 4/10/2007
  • Hi there, Could you get back to me a soon as possible.
    There are two people, Julia and Alberto who say they work for Zinkia.
    They said they represent you and want to make a Pocoyo channel and want me to delete the Pocoyo username. But you have the password, so if they do work for you, you would have given them the password right?
    Anyway, let me know what to do.

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  • Lillipie_81 5/10/2007
  • Pocoyo is the best programme out there for preschoolers. It’s short, sweet and to the point. My 15 month old daughter loves it and unlike most tedious children’s programs (cough*the night garden) it is a joy to watch with her. Currently Pocoyo is off air here in New Zealand so I have been hunting for DVD’s, they are VERY hard to find as they usually sell quickly in the few stores that stock them. Anyhow getting to the point a movie would be great, if made it would be the first movie my daughter will see. For the indoors/outdoors thing why not make it so that one of the two is imaginary hence the change in setting. This would be totally believable as he is a very imaginative boy, also it may help with developing a storyline.

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  • Yayo 7/10/2007
  • Haha! The coolest idea ever. I’d love to watch that movie, please, bring it to life!

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  • Anna 7/10/2007
  • Hi there!
    My daughter and I LOVE pocoyo and friends! We are here in Singapore and have bought pocoyo vcd and never fail to watch re-runs of pocoyo on cable. My daughter even had her pocoyo birthday cake for her 3rd birthday. And she always demands to watch pocoyo before she sleeps at night.
    Please, please do make a movie. Its truly educational for my little one. We look forward to it coming to Singapore!

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  • Pedrinho 7/10/2007
  • O Pedro é um menino com 18meses e adora o Pocoyo, aliás ele é um Pocoyo ;-)
    Gostavamos de ter no nosso site a loja online já em funcionamento.
    não terminem com esta delicia de serie, é um mimo para o pedro e pais do pedro também

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  • Antonio Mariano 10/10/2007
  • Hi!! I’m Antonio and I’m 3 yrs old and from Brazil. I watch Pocoyo almost every morning with my mom (she’s 30!) and we really, really like it. I mean, I sometimes think she likes it even more than I do. She even got to access this site! She mentioned the movie idea to me, and I think it would be awesome! You know what else I would really love? If you released a DVD with the episodes we watch on TV. I KNOW that mi mama would buy it in a heaertbeat!
    The only thing that upset us was finding out that there won’t be a third season… that made me sad…
    Well, take good care! And get the store going! The rest of the site is really cool…

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  • sarah ann davey 10/10/2007
  • i love pocoyo and yes i am older than i should be to watch it but its so cute and i enjoy it. i am going to buy the dvds as i love it soo much …soo cuttee

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  • sarah ann davey 10/10/2007
  • i love pocoyo and yes i am older than i should be to watch it but its so cute and i enjoy it. i am going to buy the dvds as i love it soo much …soo cuttee he is the cutest little charcter…love him love the programm…
    sawwahh =]]
    (aged 13)

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  • Denise 10/10/2007
  • To Antonio’s Mom:
    This blog post doesn’t say there won’t be a 3rd series, only that it will be delayed for a while. If they go ahead with the Pocoyo movie, they won’t have time to do another series for a while anyway. :) Let me try to paraphrase what I think David meant. David, please correct me if I’m wrong. :)
    David and the team at Zinkia are already involved in the development of a new series of Pocoyo (Season 2) and they are not planning on doing a 3rd season of Pocoyo at the moment. It would take too long to explain why, but first they need to consolidate the series, and this is really hard for a preschool one. They expect this will take a few years, so right now they want to focus on the need to develop different concepts, for instance the movie.
    Mrs Mariano, you may not be aware of this but Season 1 of Pocoyo contained 52 episodes. Therefore when Season 2 is released, there’ll be 104 episodes of Pocoyo to watch! That’s a lot for any television series! :D
    It’s also a great deal of work for the team, so they need to focus on one project at a time, otherwise the quality of the series will suffer greatly.
    Hope this all makes sense. :D
    Kind regards,

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  • Ana 11/10/2007
  • Hello!
    I’m 19 years old and i really LOVE Pocoyo!
    The movie could be a great idea and it’s sure that i will watch it!
    Today, i received a Pocoyo’s plush! I’m so happy! :D
    Congratulations for the excellent work!
    P.S.= I want an online Pocoyo’s store for Portugal! xD

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  • Susana 12/10/2007
  • HOla:
    Felicitaciones por crear y hacer realidad una caricatura tan linda como POCOYO. Desde el primer día que la vimos nos gustó. A mi hija Paula le encanta y pone mucha atención a la TV cuando escucha la música de POCOYO incluso la publicidad. Para su cumpleaños mi mamá le hizo una piñata de POCOYO, acá hay unas fotos por si las quieren ver.
    Saludos desde Chile y si hacen la Pelicula, por supuesto que la iremos a ver.

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  • adsleonard 13/10/2007
  • PLEASE RELEASE A DVD!!! it would be great to see it :D

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  • Carina 16/10/2007
  • I’m absolutly in love with Pocoyo!
    My 7 months’ old daughter adores it! The white background makes her think that she can grab the carachters and she gets very excited when watching it :-)
    A movie would definetly be something diferent, but I believe equally interesting for kids – please do it!
    The website also was a happy surprise… I really wanted to make her 1 year b-day party with Pocoyo and you have everything already!! Great, thank you veeeery much, I’m sure the party will be fantastic.
    Congratulations again!
    PS: I’m writting from Brazil!

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    xXx Paddro

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  • rub 24/10/2007
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    It’s simply beautyfull…

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  • Sarsby & Shelley 26/10/2007
  • Hey! This is Sarsby!
    Even though i’m twelve i think this show for kids is sooo cool and cute! My friend and i are really big fans and we think you should for the movie. It would be great! Hope you r succeeding lots and have a good DAY! sorry just had to bring that up because I had to… oh well.
    Sarsby & Shelley
    Esperance, WA, Australia
    P.S. YOU ROCK!!! :D

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  • Sarsby & Shelley 26/10/2007
  • Hey this is Sarsby & Shelley
    We could probally be the most biggest fans in the world and and and because your show sooo ROCKS its also so cute!!!
    Oh please bring out a movie that would be so awsome to us and all the other Pocoyo fans out there!
    Thanks for the show dudes!!!
    Peace Out!
    from Sarsby & Shelley
    Esperance, WA, Australia

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  • Sarsby & Shelley 26/10/2007
  • Hey this is Sarsby & Shelley
    We could probally be the most biggest fans in the world and and and because your show sooo ROCKS its also so cute!!!
    Oh please bring out a movie that would be so awsome to us and all the other Pocoyo fans out there!
    Thanks for the show dudes!!!
    Peace Out!
    from Sarsby & Shelley
    Esperance, WA, Australia

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  • salvatore\ 29/10/2007
  • im’from italyyyy
    where i find it the peluche of pocoyo in italy or store online?
    please read it!!!!

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  • Victoria 31/10/2007
  • Nos encanta Pocoyo.
    Mi niña de cuatro meses y yo vemos los capítulos y “leemos” los libritos. A ella le encanta y sonrie a Pocoyo cuando le ve en la tele. Conoci a Pocoyo por mis sobrinos de 3 y 2 años, que bailaban como él.
    Una pena que el blog esté en ingles, tengo problemas para leerlo. Estaria bien lo de la película. El fondo blanco facilita la atención a los bebes, pero quiza para el cine haya que cambiarlo, eso si, no lo hagais muy complicado o ya no será el autentico Pocoyo.
    Un saludo desde Sevilla

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  • =D 1/11/2007
  • Yeah thats a kool idea.. clearly would love to see pocoyo be made into a film :D

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  • j4s0n 3/11/2007
  • My daughter’s 2 yrs old and we love pocoyo! I can recall that Pocoyo’s the first TV show that she liked at 11th month. haha!
    Can you create downloadable wallpapers… I’m pretty sure she’ll like it very much.
    Bout a Movie? Coolness!

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  • Kathleen 4/11/2007
  • I am 19 years old and from Singapore, and I LOVE Pocoyo (I own the DVDs too!). :D I like the idea of a Pocoyo movie..and am really curious to see how it will be developed!
    Good luck to you guys and hope everything will work out right! :)

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  • Nicola 4/11/2007
  • Me and my daughter love watching pocoyo in the UK and would love to see the movie even more.The set images look great and it doesn’t have to look like real life settings, as who ever saw an elephant in heels anyway? Its like an escapism into a childs imagination and thats what makes pocoyo fun. As long as the humour is kept alive and the storyline isn’t too complex then the movie will be a success.Its an amazing show that people of all ages can enjoy.

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  • ANDREA POCOYO 6/11/2007
  • amo a POCOYO…
    hagan luego la pelicula y traiganla a chile, por favor!!!…..

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  • Randy Meeks 7/11/2007
  • Tengo 23 años y amo Pocoyó,es la serie que me hubiese gustado ver cuando era pequeño.Felicidades por la estética cute y por ese toque que hace que los mayores disfrutemos más que los pequeños con ésta joyita.
    Sobre llevarlo al cine,mh,es complicado,pero contais con el suficiente apoyo a lo largo del mundo como para que salga adelante.Eso sí,por lo menos la secuencia de inicio debería ser algo impresionante y nunca visto,y la historia más que un simple episodio de Pocoyó.POR FAVOR POR FAVOR si se hace,no hagais algo al estilo de “Pocoyó en el país de las matemáticas” o similar.Valeis muchísimo más que todo eso.
    Un abrazo desde España (qué pena que este haya sido precisamente uno de los últimos países donde se estrene…y encima en condiciones deplorables)

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  • Denise 7/11/2007
  • Dear j4s0n,
    You can already download many lovely wallpapers from the Pocoyo website. Just go to:
    Follow the links to the Wallpapers and have fun!
    Denise :)

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  • Ferran 7/11/2007
  • oa zoy Ferran. Engo 21 mesessss. Me ecanta Pocoyo y mimami que mayuda a escribir eto se parte con pulpo y pato. Que bien peli seré mayor pa ir. zoi feliz como una perdiz,de las 10 palabras que digo claraz tres son pato, eli y lula. Pocoyo, pararoto difíciles. Besos. Muchas gracias. Guta pocoyo nene.

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  • Alen 9/11/2007
  • lols iam like 10 years old and i watch it lols its so funny remember the other one the pocoyo dont touch lol and he touched ellys castle? remember that if u dont go to

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  • Taina Garcia 10/11/2007
  • Recently we noticed our son covering his mouth with both hands when he laughed, telling us to be quiet ‘sshhhhh’ and dancing round in circles…all of us questioned each other.
    Are you teaching him these things?
    Then we all watched Pocoyo properly…and what did we see? Little Pocoyo doing the same things!
    He adores Pocoyo and so do we. All we need now is a blue suit. We already have the hat!
    So pleaassssssse make that movie

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  • Erica Ambrosio 15/11/2007
  • I love Pocoyo. It is my favorite cartoon, really. And I am not a little child. I am waiting for the movie.

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  • Camila 16/11/2007
  • I love Pocoyo and I think that it’s a great idea… Pocoyo’s movie… I like it.
    I live in Chile… yes, this country in the suth of everything but all my friends and me loves pocoyo… it’s so beautiful… and her friends too.

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  • Jenny 16/11/2007
  • Just wanted to say what a great program pocoyo is. My son (21/2yrs) just loves it, as do my husband and I.
    Keep up the great work. (a movie would be great, but so would a 3rd season lol)

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  • tracy 21/11/2007
  • hi i saw this last night and i think it a get idea.
    as my son has been watching pocoyo from 3 months old.
    he is now 15 months old and still loves pocoyo.
    his got all the dvds, nearly all the books and nearly all the toys, and duvet set.
    he can sit watching pocoyo for hours and not here a peak out of him. and i know my son would love the movie.
    so please can you let all the pocoyo fans and me.
    when you are going to release it.
    as i cant wait nither
    thanks tracy

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  • Mother of 4 kids!! 21/11/2007
  • I so hope y’all make a movie, my 1 1/2 yr old goes crazy when Pocoyo comes on, she just starts giggling and jumping around pointing at the tv. For Christmas I am getting her the Pocoyo series, and I just know she would go even crazier for the movie (if one is made). Trust me, talk about an idea that’s well worth the investment.

  • Contestar
  • Lorena 23/11/2007
  • Hola!
    Felicidades a los creadores y a toda la gente que trabaja y hace posible el programa. Pocoyo es el personaje mas dulce y encantador de la tele.

  • Contestar
  • David 23/11/2007
  • Felicidades por Pocoyo, es genial, tengo 36 años soy diseñador y padre. Lo de la pelicula estaria genial, apoyo la idea de fondo blanco o fondos muy simples, tambien apoyo la idea de una buena aventura, nada de pais de las matematicas, he he.

  • Contestar
  • SAMANTA 25/11/2007

  • Contestar
  • Amy 26/11/2007
  • Please make a pocoyo movie! I think it is the best idea yet! Me and my boyfriend would definately go and see it!

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  • Rebeca 3/12/2007
  • Hola a todos!
    Os quiero felicitar por que creo que Pocoyó es la serie infantil más innovadora desde la bola de cristal (en otro rollo, of course) Me encanta, tengo 33 años no tengo niños ni sobrinos ni excusa para verla pero igualmente me encanta en la tv.
    Sobretodo en ingés!
    Hello everyone!
    I just want to say this is the most innovative tv show I’ve seen in years, since I was 10.
    I’m 33 and with no children or nephew as an excuse but I love to watch at Pocoyo!!!
    Rebeca, Barcelona

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  • Erica Ambrosio 17/12/2007
  • I am a big fan of Pocoyo. He is a cute little boy. I am not a little child, but I like him so much. I can’t wait for Pocoyo’s movie. Pocoyo – the Movie, great idea.

  • Contestar
  • ana 20/12/2007
  • Olá.. Em Portugal têm mais do que dois fans…Hehe
    Eu ando a ensinar a toda a gente quem é o pocky, como costumo chamar-lhe! Todos os meus amigos já o conhecem…
    Um filme do pocoyo??? Acho uma óptima ideia…
    Continuem assim… E um 2008 cheio de coisas boas para o nosso Pocoyo!

  • Contestar
  • carmel 23/12/2007
  • thank you for creating such a lovely cartoon i have a little boy nearly 3 years who watches it every day and i know that from the time it starts to the end all i can hear is the sound of laughter it touches him as when poyoco is sad he will burst into tears,it is such a specail gift to be able to teach children like this.

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  • Daphné 24/12/2007
  • Hola friend…
    I worked in spain. And I had problems with my apendix. I must go to hospital and I must stay in hospital. I was very bad and than I watch tv and I look pocoyo. I have 20 years old but I very love Pocoyo..
    with love Daphné from slovakia

  • Contestar
  • Paula 27/12/2007
  • Hola!
    Soy española y recientemente me he convertido en una fan de esta maravillosa serie. Mi más sincera enhorabuena, pienso que es la mejor serie de animación que se puede ver actualmetne en la televisión, y ya era hora de que alguien empezara a prestarle algo de atención al público infantil (cosa que hace años no era tan rara). En cualquier caso, habéis creado algo que gusta a niños y adultos por igual por su simplicidad y candor. ¡Me tenéis admirada!
    Lo que lamento es que aquí en España no haya sido valorada como se merece… ni aún hoy es tan conocida como debería (que lleva un año emitiéndose? Yo la acabo de descubrir!). Un síntoma claro es el hecho de que aún no haya blog oficial en español habiéndolo en japonés… ¿cuánto tiempo necesitamos aquí para valorar loq ue es bueno de verdad?
    De todas formas, no sería mala idea crearlo, ahora que Pocoyó empieza a ser realmente famoso incluso aquí (yo se lo enseño a todos mis amigos! Es genial!).
    Bueno, mucha suerte, seguid así! :)

  • Contestar
  • Josep Mª 3/1/2008
  • David: The good point of pocoyo is the extremely good quality of the animations, the story and the rythm you have achieved.
    Then, if you assure these points in the film (and the marketing support, of course, with speciam importance in the EUA), it will be definitely a hit.
    Tenéis que hacerlo!!!. Adelante!.

  • Contestar
  • lala 7/1/2008
  • wen is pocoyo de movi cummin out

  • Contestar
  • Nic & Sophia 16/1/2008
  • we love POKOYO bring it on!

  • Contestar
  • Marc 17/1/2008
  • Ok, so a 40+ single male with no kids shouldn’t be watching kids programmes, I agree. But, when it is an intelligently written, humourous visual feast of pure fun with Stephen Fry narrating, you just can’t help yourself. I just love the character, POCOYO, the confused, or annoyed look he gives the camera just cracks me up. I too, along with everyone else on this blog hope that you go ahead with the idea for a full length film (not sure how many preschoolers will sit through though. Parents you’ll just have to get babysitters).
    Anyway, hopefully it happens sooner rather than later.

  • Contestar
  • Andrea Bascuñana Gómez 19/1/2008
  • Hola, a mi me gustaria mucho ver la peli de mi personaje favorito:POCOYO.
    Es genial, el mejor el y todos sus amigos.
    Tengo 10 años y es una de las series mas “guais” del mundo!!!!!

  • Contestar
  • annika 20/1/2008
  • Pocoyo is the best! Our 4-year old daughter gets only the best in animation (husband and I are snobs, I guess) and Pocoyo went to the front of the queue from the first episode we saw. Great characters and the most amazing body language ever…outstanding music…great pacing…fabulous humor…Pocoyo has it all! Congrtatulations, we will be following Pocoyo in whatever you make here from Germany.

  • Contestar
  • Kelly 22/1/2008
  • LOL

  • Contestar
  • sholeha yusof 7/2/2008
  • i watch pocoyo with my son, aged 7month.. all my family loved pocoyo.. really hope can see pocoyo in movie… guys, how about pocoyo merchandise?? it’s really sweet if all of us can have pocoyo, pato in our house….
    hurray for them… hurray for pocoyo
    adam n mama, malaysia

  • Contestar
  • sholeha yusof 7/2/2008
  • i watch pocoyo with my son, aged 7month.. all my family loved pocoyo.. really hope can see pocoyo in movie… guys, how about pocoyo merchandise?? it’s really sweet if all of us can have pocoyo, pato in our house….
    hurray for them… hurray for pocoyo
    adam n mama, malaysia

  • Contestar
  • amy 1/3/2008
    pEACE aMY XX

  • Contestar
  • Anonymous 19/3/2008
  • I think that a pocoyo movie would be great =)
    u shud defo make one, it wud be everyones fav.

  • Contestar
  • adan 27/3/2008
  • como que no va a continuar con pocoyo la tercera temporada, es un estupido por no continuar!!!!!!!1

  • Contestar
  • Barkingdogg 20/5/2008
  • Please give us a Pocoyo movie! I’m 29 and I love to watch this with my Kid who has quite the same behavior as Pocoyo!

  • Contestar
  • Noeleen Brennan 29/5/2008
  • My daughter is 4 months and she giggles as soon as she hears the theme tune as weve been playing it for her since she was two months old, we love pocoyo please bring out a movie x

  • Contestar
  • Anonymous 30/5/2008
  • hhtjthghtgugtg7tfyfucufuvufg

  • Contestar
  • Toadsanime 1/6/2008
  • Agreed, and here’s someone that’s almost 16 speaking. I think I’d love to view a full-length Pocoyo film, so I hope you decide to go through with it.

  • Contestar
  • Cherry Ann Paulite 2/6/2008
  • My 2 yr old boy, Andre, is a big fan of Pocoyo… YES! Please..please.. make a full length movie of POCOYO… I wonder how my Andre would react watching it on big screen. He’s been giggling and laughing every morning and evening as we watch Pocoyo’s 30min programs in Disney Channel. We are here in Manila, Philippines. We also bought a Pocoyo DVD when we went to Australia. Another thing, Andre is learning correct English pronounciations when watching Pocoyo. The narrator is doing it perfectly for toddlers to easily understand and immitate!

  • Contestar
  • Noah Hogan 5/6/2008
  • Estimado Gentes,
    ¡Me gusta Pocoyó mucho, esta muy lindo! ¡Mí carateres favorita son Pato y Pájaroto (porque Pato parece TAN tonto!)

  • Contestar
  • Francisco 11/6/2008
  • Soy Francisco (Pancho) Burbano de Lara y hace un mes de casualidad mire POCOYO aquí en Quito-Ecuador, esta de más decir que me encanto ya que seré padre en 4 meses y un poquito más. Definitivamente espero dure la serie hasta que mi hijo o hija nasca para que se diverta aprendiendo de estos esplendidos personajes, al igual que lo hago yo!!! Toda ayuda es buena para el aprendisaje y como seré nuevo al igual que su madre Dolores en la crianza de un pequeño o pequeña bueno…. que mejor manera que con POCOYO y sus amigos!!!!!

  • Contestar
  • Louie Odoño 13/6/2008
  • I’m so excited to see Pocoyo “The Movie”, I’m 28 but loving the animation, treatment and the characters.
    My niece and I will definitely watch it. Go Pocoyo! *smile*

  • Contestar
  • Celina 21/6/2008
  • Oi David!
    even if my childhood is already gone a long time ago, I still keep a “kid’s heart” which allows me to LOVE Pocoyo’s cartoons! He such a lovely kiddo! :-)
    I wish kids would grow older than Pocoyo’s age! But then, who would create such art?
    To have a Pocoyo’s movie would just be great!
    Boa sorte e parabéns do Brasil para você e toda equipe!

  • Contestar
  • cindy tolis 29/6/2008
  • OMG!!!!
    you have to make a pocoyo movie available in spanish as well. i have a 5 month old who, as soon as the pocoyo theme song comes on drops everything she is doing and pays absolute attention to the show. i would be delited to see the movie..

  • Contestar
  • zu 29/6/2008
  • i watch pocoyo ALMOST every morning .i would really like to watch pocoyo the movie! even my sisters watch pocoyo~ even my sister’s teachers watch it~ O.o

  • Contestar
  • jump. 29/6/2008
  • wow wow wow
    i would LOVE a pocoyo movie, the non-white backgrounds look reeli great!!!! it could be reeli popular if you got a good story line, and ya’know, changed it a bit like pocoyo talks more.dont aim it at just toddlers obv… it could be awesome!the characters are reeli cute and reeli great… it just needs a good story line that’s funny and action packed… oooh like a trip to the ocean or sumit hahah…and sumit goes wrong etc.
    okay ill stop now, but i will go see the movie if u make one… and buy it.. and make sure my frends buy it!pocoyo rocks!

  • Contestar
  • Anonymous 2/7/2008

  • Contestar
  • michelle 11/7/2008
  • My friend and I just love watching your show . It’s being aired here in the Philippines at the Disney Channel. We adore Pocoyo and his friends. Especially when they do their funny dance after each victorious day. We laugh our hearts out with evry story. And I think it has really good morals for children and the young at heart like us (we are 27 years old–would you believe?)

  • Contestar
  • Pattyyo 13/7/2008
  • I looooove Pocoyo and please make the movie!!!!

  • Contestar
  • Ronnie 29/7/2008
  • Hi, my son, who’s 16 months old, absolutely loves Pocoyo! If and when there’s going to be a movie, I’ll make sure my son gets to see it, together with me and my wife. He’s already starting to dance like Pocoyo. Please continue with this project.

  • Contestar
  • Andini 20/8/2008
  • Im Andini, from Indonesia. Me, my husband and my son Jazz love Pocoyo so much!
    We would die to watch it with my son if it happen. And I couldn’t hardly wait to see it come true!!
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Contestar
  • kellie hartley 25/8/2008
  • yeah make a pocoyo movie my daughter would love it she adores the little guy and is over obsessed with pato (she’s only 3)

  • Contestar
  • jean 29/9/2008
  • Hello!
    My 2 yrs old daughter love pocoyo so much.
    Where can I buy pocoyo staff toy or dvd copy?
    Thanks & more power.

  • Contestar
  • Anonymous 1/10/2008
  • .iiibk0iio8i660909kkkv

  • Contestar
  • vivid95 8/12/2008
  • maybe let Mr. Guillermo del Toro (devil’s back bone and Pan’s Labyrinth) direct this movie

  • Contestar
  • Ryan Caballes 29/12/2008
  • Wow when will the pocoyo movie will come? Im 11 I am sooooooooooooooooo excited to see pocoyo the movie. My first year colledge sister love to watch pocoyo too. Maybe after the movie I always run around in circles do tumbling cartwheel. So make the movie nice and the background I know it will be awsome.
    Oh and I like the voice of the narrator (i forgot his name) and pocoyo…
    A Pocoyo fan

  • Contestar
  • Nicky 1/1/2009
  • I love Pokoyo and friends, they are so cute, I’m definitely going to watch this movie!! HAPPY NEW YEAR POKOYO!

  • Contestar
  • Nastia 10/1/2009
  • My one year old loves watching Pocoyo. Every time it comes on she stays quiet and watches it with a lot of attention. She loves the episode called La Pista de Baile. She even dances with Pocoyo and Pato. Even me and my husband watch it. This show is great! Hopefully we will see the third season of Pocoyo. Movie sounds great too, but I agree with someone comment that Pocoyo is known for not having a background, so it would be strange to see Pocoyo with backdrops, but it could be interesting to finally see his room and etc. Also we would be happy to see a new project from the creaters of Pocoyo.

  • Contestar
  • Evelyn Carranza 8/2/2009
  • Good Evening,
    First of all I want to Thank You for the creation of such wonderful characters with Pocoyo. My little boy Avery (now 7 months) has been watching the cartoon pretty much since he was born and he adores it.
    I was wondering if you guys plan on releasing merchandise with the Pocoyo characters? Avery is going to turn 1 year old soon and we’d LOVE to celebrate with Pocoyo party favors! It would be wonderful.
    Avid fans,
    avery & eve

  • Contestar
  • Emily 23/2/2009
  • I really like Pocoyo and I’m 11. I think i’d be awesome if there was a Pocoyo movie. If there was one, I would definately go and see it.

  • Contestar
  • Rob 6/3/2009
  • what is your next project?
    if anythig else you do is half as good as pocoyo its well worth a watch…
    im 20 and i love pocoyo, i think ive seen every episode and would hungrily watch a feature of it, it is in my opinion the greatest kids show and works on so many levels.
    Thanks xxx

  • Contestar
  • Julieta Mendoza 6/3/2009
  • Hello
    well I´m from Mexico and I love POCOYO…
    it´s so adorable I said to my nephew Iker (just of 8 months) that he is = to POCOYO…
    (sobretodo cuando lo visten de azul es igualito a Pocoyo) I´m agreed with the movie… do it Please… I like to see at…
    well Good Bye…
    Acá nos gustaria ver esa pelicula pues nos encanta Pocoyo…
    Julieta Mendoza, Mexico

  • Contestar
  • Mia 18/4/2009

  • Contestar
  • James Bandido 29/5/2009
  • the whole family loves pocoyo …
    it brings out the child in each one of us …

  • Contestar
  • forrestfire101 6/8/2009
  • Maybe is a good idea, maybe not..we are deeply thinking about it, first of all it`s not the same 6 minutes script than 90 minutes…long way! Will it works?..and what about white backrounds…definitily we have to think about other places, underwater, space, yes, but some more also…
    Its going to be a huge challenge, but what if is it possible!!!…lets give it a try, at least lets see how a Pocoyo script for a film would be.
    We are already involved in the develop of a new series and we are not planning doing Pocoyo´s 3rd seasion by the moment. It´s too long to explain here why, we first need to consolidate the series, and this is really hard for a preschool one. I think we will, but in the next years and at this time we will need to develop diferent contents as, for istance the movie.
    We did some tries with the illumination which is one of the more important issues in this adventure as long as we just work with this caracteristics white backgrounds and global ilumination.
    Samanta Undari, the profesional who´s in charge of the matter, did a great job bringing Pocoyo to the inside sets, here you have a couple of examples.

  • Contestar
  • forrestfire101 6/8/2009
  • You know this movie, ”Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed”. This movie is Masked Magician and the assistants (male and female) always make magic to us. Just watch this movie. Its Beeeeeeest.

  • Contestar
  • forrestfire101 6/8/2009
  • This movie is at channel AXN in TV.You open this movie at Monday and Thursday night. Okay. If you not, i will delete your POCOYO.

  • Contestar
  • ziyad 6/8/2009
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    This secrets is……………an ocsigen tank.
    This tiub goes flow through the tank and the tiub enters your kolar and breath easily underwater. And bye.

  • Contestar
  • ziyad 6/8/2009
  • Wait a minute, im watch Pocoyo too.
    When im wake up, im watch Pocoyo is booing Pato. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA.

  • Contestar
  • ziyad 6/8/2009
  • Pocoyo (Pocoyó in Spanish) is a Spanish pre-school animated cartoon series created by David Cantolla, Luis Gallego and Guillermo García Carsi of Spain. It is about a young boy dressed in blue and who is full of curiosity. Viewers are encouraged to recognise situations that Pocoyo is in, and things that are going on with or around him. Pocoyo’s world is set in a 3D space, with a plain white background and no backdrops.
    Two series have been produced, each consisting of 52 seven-minute episodes. A future third series is on hold as the makers wish to embark upon other projects, one of which may be a Pocoyo movie.[1]
    In June 2006, Pocoyo was awarded, at the 30th International Festival of Annecy, the Cristal Award for the “Best TV Production”.[2]
    The show is created with Softimage XSI software.[3]
    The British actor and comedian Stephen Fry narrates the English language version, which is broadcast within the United Kingdom on CITV,[4], Australia on ABC and within Canada on Treehouse TV.[3] José María del Río narrates the Spanish version.
    Five has acquired terrestrial rights in the United Kingdom to the first and second series, making it part of the Milkshake! strand. The show, which is a co-production between Spanish producer Zinkia Entertainment and Granada International, will continue to air on the CITV Channel. [5] TVE2 broadcast the second series in Spain starting in April 2008. [6]
    Each character has its own distinctive dance, and most episodes end with the characters dancing.

  • Contestar
  • ziyad 6/8/2009
  • Episodes in Pocoyo:
    1. Hush
    2. Pocoyo Dance
    3. Drum Roll Please
    4. Umbrella, Umbrella
    5. A Mystery Most Puzzling
    6. A Present For Elly
    7. The Big Sneeze
    8. Double Bubble
    9. Sleepy Bird’s Surprise
    10. Swept Away
    11. Who’s On the Phone?
    12. Fetch Loula Fetch
    13. A Little Cloud
    14. Table for Fun
    15. Keep Going, Pocoyo!
    16. Where’s Pocoyo?
    17. Drummer Boy
    18. The Great Race
    19. Don’t Touch
    20. Mystery Footprints
    21. Magical Watering Can
    22. Twinkle Twinkle
    23. Hiccup
    24. Pato’s Postal Service
    25. Puppy Love
    26. Bat and Ball
    27. Elly Spots
    28. Up Up and Away
    29. A Surprise for Pocoyo
    30. Having a Ball
    31. Super Pocoyo
    32. Let’s Go Camping
    33. The Key to It All
    34. Fussy Duck
    35. Whale’s Birthday
    36. Elly’s Big Chase
    37. Bedtime
    38. Juggling Balls
    39. Pocoyo’s Little Friend
    40. Pocoyo Pocoyo
    41. Picture This
    42. Musical Blocks
    43. Paint Me a Picture
    44. Elly’s Doll
    45. Giggle Bug
    46. Pocoyo Gets It Right
    47. A Dog’s Life
    48. What’s In The Box
    49. Pocoyo-lympics
    50. Colour My World
    51. A Little Something Between Friends
    52. Wackily Ever After
    1. Pocoyo’s Present
    2. Mad Mix Machine
    3. Big Scary Slide
    4. Elly’s Ballet Class
    5. The Messy Guest
    6. Guess What?
    7. Mr Big Duck
    8. Pocoyo’s Balloon
    9. Who’s Calling Me Now?
    10. Band of Friends
    11. Upside Down
    12. New on the Planet
    13. All for One
    14. Elly’s Shoes
    15. Duck Stuck
    16. Scary Noises
    17. Not in my Backyard
    18. Vamoosh on the Loosh
    19. Detective Pocoyo
    20. Scooter Madness
    21. Lost in Space
    22. Boo!
    23. Party Pooper
    24. My Pato!
    25. Baby Bird Bother
    26. Dirty Dog
    27. The Seed
    28. Runaway Hat
    29. Invisible Pocoyo
    30. Noise to my Ears
    31. Baby Bird Sitting
    32. Everyone’s Present
    33. Magic Act
    34. Picnic Puzzle
    35. Dance Off!
    36. Pato’s Egg
    37. Pocoyo’s Puppet Show
    38. Get Lost Loula
    39. Sneaky Shoes
    40. Shutterbug
    41. Angry Alien
    42. Pato’s Paintings
    43. Monster Mystery
    44. Pato Underwater
    45. Poczilla
    46. Elly on Ice
    47. Farewell Friends
    48. Double Trouble
    49. Horse!
    50. Elly’s Tea Party
    51. Talent Show
    52. Remember When…
    There is also an unreleased episode entitled “The See-Saw”.

  • Contestar
  • ziyad 6/8/2009
  • Bye Bye Bye. Im gonna take a break.

  • Contestar
  • Jahneekah 7/8/2009
  • OMG I love Pocoyo the show is kewl.

  • Contestar
  • nealam zaffar 7/8/2009
  • I love Pocoyo! Plz make a movie.

  • Contestar
  • Rafael 8/11/2009
  • Am so happy I can watch Pocoyo in the US on the spanish latino channel Univision!!!!!
    Its a better show than a lot of crappy ones shown on Nick and the Disney Channel!

  • Contestar
  • zetta 22/1/2010
  • Dear All
    I live in Indonesia, then I want to get some merchandises of Pocoyo (stationary, books, etc). Maybe somebody can tell where can I get some at Singapore or KL? thanks a bunch

  • Contestar
  • Maggie 30/1/2010
  • OMG i love pocoyo. MY friend and I are now obsessed!! If you make a movie we would totally go and see it!!!!! Pocoyo is the cooooolest thing ever. He is so cute, and i love his laugh!! If you dont like pocoyo you have something wrong with your head…. HAHA!! GO POCOYO!!!!!!!!

  • Contestar
  • Dylan 3/2/2010
  • I consider myself to be a promoted internet user and can say that your resurce is one of not many I like to come back again and again. I just hope that someone finds my search engine on rapidshare files( http://www.rapidsharemix.com ) that useful too

  • Contestar
  • roxana jimenez 3/5/2010
  • pocoyo es lo maximo…mi hijo de 20 meses lo adora….imita todo lo que hace…baila con el….yo vivo en alemania y me es dificil encontrar productos de pocoyo…asi que una pelicula de Pocoyo sertia el mejor regalo del mundo para mi Tino…y bueno no solo para el, mi esposo y yo tambien somos fans de Pocoyo…o me jor dicho de POPOPOO..(como dice mi hijo:D )

  • Contestar
  • Christina23Kelley 19/10/2010
  • Don’t you recognize that it’s correct time to get the loan, which will make your dreams come true.

  • Contestar
  • Artie Hippley 6/12/2010
  • I usually get bored easily and close the tab but i think you have a unique blog. Bravo !

  • Contestar
  • fabian2011 24/1/2011

  • Contestar
  • kindle book 2/2/2011
  • Suited post! this will certainly assist me.

  • Contestar
  • Rudy Soden 12/4/2011
  • It’s arduous to seek out knowledgeable people on this matter, but you sound like you know what you’re speaking about! Thanks

  • Contestar
  • ashlynn 29/4/2012
  • Hi i am 8 years old,and i love pocoyo.It is a fun and surprizing show! So please make a movie about pocoyo and his friends!

  • Contestar
  • josephine B. 14/6/2012
  • My 2.5 year old son and I enjoy watching Pocoyo every day. We live in Portland, Oregon. The show is hands-down one of the best children (and adult) animations I have every seen. The stories are really educational for small children and teaches them to be good citizens of the world and friends to those around them. The emotions of the characters are so descriptive and entertaining that even the oldest adult will fall in love with the show. You can’t wait to find out what happens. My favorite thing about Pocoyo is his dancing, as seen with the musical flower, for example.

    On another note, I think my son looks just like Pocoyo! and has the range of facial emotions to bring it to life. If you have a casting for the movie, please contact me and we would love to try out!! Good luck with all of your other work. :)


  • Contestar
  • Zinkia Team 18/6/2012
  • Thanks for the comment Josephine!!

    Currently we are not looking for a Pocoyo character, but please upload a picture of your son to check how similar he is to Pocoyo!!
    You can do it here and share with all your friends!!

    Your son will be on the Pocoyo Official Website!!

    Thanks againg and best regards,

    Pocoyo Team

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