Pocoyo & Google Chrome :)

Do you remember when we told you about an application from Google: a navigator that could be customized with Pocoyo themes? It was called iGoogle and it was a complete worldwide success – reaching more than 150.000 downloads of Pocoyo! But this is not all – Google has just launched a new navigation campaign, Google Chrome, and again has counted with Pocoyo.

The Design guys have once again done a great job, right?

Pocoyo has proved that the i-Google skins not only seduce the little ones but also teenagers and adults.

Google Chrome is a new open code navigator created to improve the user’s experience in the website. What does it mean? Have you ever had 18 sites opened in your navigator at the same time and you have noticed that the speed decreases because something happens in one of the sites? Has the navigator suddenly turn off because a problem in one of the tabs? Google Chrome has been designed to solved all these problems.

To know more about Google Chrome, please link here  Google Chrome – Themes

One extra thing. It has been estimated that every single day we use a quantity of time equivalent to 50 human lives waiting in Internet. Google Chrome will bring you where you want to be as fast as possible. In the meanwhile, we are going to surf in the web a bit and we come back soon…

3 thoughts on “Pocoyo & Google Chrome :)

  1. i use the Pocoyo skins in iGoogle, and I LOVE IT :D
    Google Chrome though… i’m happy with Firefox and Safari. but the Pocoyo skins are enticing me to download Google Chrome. i was anti-Google Chrome until I read this post… :P

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