Pocoyo Costume!

Publicado 30 de October de 2009 por Zinkia Team

Look at the Pocoyo costume done by James&Anri (Atlanta, USA) to his little Rio!


Thanks, Anri, for the pictures! Rio, you should dance with Pocoyo!


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15 comentarios
  • iomioo 2/11/2009
  • This is really cool!

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  • danineteen 6/11/2009
  • WAAAAAH THAT’S SO AWESOME!! I want a costume…

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  • Lena 13/11/2009
  • my baby is now 10 month old… he luvs POCOYO…. we will be doing his birthday celeb in Jan 2010 and would like to put him in POCOYO’s attire….how do i get these?

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  • Anri 17/11/2009
  • >Lena
    Hi, I made this outfit by myself coz I could not find ANY costume at all after searching and searching over the Internet.
    It was NOT easy job, I would say…, yet it was a quite fun to do this by thinking of my son wearing this costume. Please find the fleece fabric to make your job easier;)

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  • humberto javier reyes h. 31/12/2009
  • es inceible como se divierte mi nieta, ella tiene 1 año y 6 meses, ya identifica a todos los personajes.
    pocoyo es un gran personaje que gusta a niños de todas las edades desde 1 a 58 años ( que son los que yo tengo. )
    humberto reyes ( monterrey, mexico )

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  • haru 8/2/2010
  • do u know where to find pocoyo toys or dolls online?
    i cant find anywhere .pls help
    or if u sell this costume =)especially in big size

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  • winter 27/6/2010
  • plz whoever did this make me one i loooove pocoyo i am 16 and i love him sooooo much he is soo cute and i like him soo much

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  • Cynthia Villa 9/8/2010
  • My little sons love Pocoyo its amazing how they can like it…. Alex and Matt. (California, Usa)

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  • Abel Bojorquez 17/8/2010
  • I want pociyo’s costume for my 3yr old. Please contact me with information

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  • Jessica 4/9/2010
  • Hi!! My son loves Pocoyo, and I’d like wearing him with a pocoyo costume… I’ve been looking for a costume for a long time, and now I’m tired…So I decided to do it by myself… My only doubt is: How did u do the heat?
    Sorry for my english, I’m from Brazil and I haven’t spoken for a long time…
    My email is jessica.breslauer@gmail.com

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  • Rona 16/9/2010
  • Why is it so difficult to find a Pocoyo costume? So many kids would love to wear it for Halloween/carnival. I don’t know how many sites I’ve checked out…there is one used costume on ebay at the moment and it’s original, so the real costume does exist somewhere…..

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  • Gaspare leo 20/9/2010
  • I would love my son’s 1st birthday cake to have pocoyo figures on it.Would you be able to tell me where i can purchase some? My name is Gaspare and my email is gaspareleo@yahoo.com..

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  • Jessica Sandoval 14/10/2010
  • do you still have the pocoyo outoutfit? Halloween is just around the corner and i am dressing my 7 mth old as pocoyo.

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  • financial help 1/12/2010
  • I have just added this post to facebook


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  • Spencer 7/5/2012
  • Hey fellow Pocoyo lovers,
    Could anybody give me a way to make a Pocoyo outfit? I am stuck on that. Thanx

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