Pocoyo channel on Youtube

Surely many of you already know of Pocoyo, thanks to the episodes showing on Youtube. We have always thought that this is an excellent option enabling instant access for those of you who can only watch it on Youtube, as it may not be on your country’s TV listings, or it simply has not been shown yet.

Due to the spectacular online demand that Pocoyo has had and continues to have, we have decided to create a channel super extra full of exclusive contents. www.youtube.com/pocoyo


We will be organizing a competition among all our registered fans (subscription is completely free). Would it not be great if we did our first one on Pocoyo’s dance? The best dancer or best impression of Pato doing the robot will win an amazing Pocoyo pack! Would it not be fun?

We are delighted to see so many videos already uploaded. There are more than 10,000 of us!

See you at www.youtube.com/pocoyo!

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