Drawings of Pocoyo!

Publicado 19 de June de 2008 por Zinkia Team

They say that you stop being a child when you stop drawing and that the fact of abandoning your drawings causes a loss of creativity.  It is perhaps due to this, that many of those who work in Zinkia continue being children with huge ears and noses and that the true Pocoyo is the Pocoyo who has already been drawn by thousands of children…

Send us your special interpretation of Pocoyo, Pato, Valentina, or that of your children (markcom@zinkia.com)… We would be delighted to decorate Zinkia’s offices with them !!

Pablo Heredero: 4 years old


Mercedes Borges: 7 years old


Damián Rascón: 6 years old


And to take a look, click on the button

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11 comentarios
  • Linda 20/6/2008
  • My baby girl who is turning 8mths soon LOVES Pocoyo. Whenever it comes on TV, she’ll get excited. And now everyone at home calls her Pocoyo. Hehe.
    But yea, I love Pato. He’s cool-ly funny.
    Thanks guys for coming up with sucha great cartoon character.

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  • luciana 23/6/2008
  • hola es muy lindo ver a pocoyo.
    Lo miro todos los dias y me divierto mucho…

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  • Celina 25/6/2008
  • Because drawing is universal as is childhood …..
    Hoorray for Pocoyô! :-)

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  • Celina 26/6/2008
  • forgot to mention that we have
    Pocoyô in Brasil, too (Discovery Kids Channel)
    OBA !!!!!

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  • carlos 3/7/2008
  • hola! desde los madriles un fanático del mundo de la animación. desde vuestra perspectiva de triunfadores en el mundillo (uh, vaya peloteo), es posible hacer algo en este sin saber dibujar? por ejemplo, puede un guionista no ser un fantástico dibujante y trabajar en el sector?
    un saludo!

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  • rouge 4/7/2008
  • My 1 year old daughter and I enjoy Pocoyo tremendously! Does anyone know where I can get Pocoyo official books and soft toys? i am from Indonesia :)
    Thanks so much!

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  • isabel 9/7/2008
  • my son is so in love with pocoyo! We’ve just discovered it … on youtube actually! I’m trying to find a video i can buy for him, he loves it so much! and i do too :)

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  • blogger2 9/7/2008
  • wikipedia e-gold

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  • Debby LG 18/7/2008
  • My 2 daughters and I love Pocoyo so much. As well as my husband, he really enjoys watching that very curious young boy in blue. We’re from Bali, Indonesia. Thanks a lot to Mr. David Cantolla and the team … your idea rocks!!! Congrats!!

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  • Anonymous 5/9/2008
  • ngngb h fhhvhfv vbfb kkbh jnh jg ggn

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  • booster 13/1/2009
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