Birthday Party with Pocoyo!

Publicado 14 de November de 2008 por Zinkia Team

It is a special day. A day you will remember forever. A day full of joy, wishes, surprises… It is YOUR DAY. It is YOUR SPECIAL DAY. It does not matter how you feel that day – if you are cold or if it is raining… In any case, it is your day and you are extremely happy to be with all your family and friends!


Nowadays, birthday parties with Pocoyo are very in. This one, in particular, is Jorge’s birthday party – who turned 4 years-old. He is one of the first kid who has shared his day with his friends decorating everything with Pocoyo: flags, glasses, caps, forks, napkins, tablecloth, etc…

Happy birthday, Jorge! In this picture you can see him blowing the candles out with all his friends and family… How wonderful!


So far, all these party products are on sale in Spain – but we promise you that very soon you will be able to buy them in other countries.

And please do not forget to keep on sending your photos (markcom@zinkia.com) of your parties, cakes, and everything you want!

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36 comentarios
  • eMeBucio 17/11/2008
  • Yeeeeah!!! My next bday party will be about Pocoyo too… only that it will be 25th next year. Jajaja. Happy bday Jorge!!!!

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  • Brianna 18/11/2008
  • We’re having a Pocoyo themed birthday party for my son in about 2-3 weeks! He’s turning a year old, and I’m so excited!
    Unfortuntaly we don’t see Pocoyo-themed items here in my town (or in the U.S.) but i hope it will soon cath on quickly. people in my town were recently able to get PBS to put this show back on the air only after taking it off for a couple of weeks, so i think that goes to show that we love Pocoyo!
    Needless to say, I’ll be making all the decorations and the cake by scratch in order to resemble Pocoyo, so I’ll send photos to let you see how it went.
    Wish me luck!!!

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  • Rawls 18/11/2008
  • Soooo cool!! My daughter would LOVE to have that for her birthday!
    Is there anyway to order that stuff from over here in Canada? Online maybe? haha, maybe I’ll just send you some cash and you can send me some!!
    …You could probably make good a business selling them overseas!!

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  • Gulzar 26/11/2008

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  • dwi wanna 2/12/2008
  • when will pocoyo products be sold in indonesia?
    i really love pocoyo ^_^

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  • sweet_mummy 5/12/2008
  • Yeah, hope to see those party product stuff in KL,Malaysia too!!

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  • eibruno 12/12/2008
  • where do you get POCOYO’S party supplies?

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  • Anonymous 15/12/2008
  • fytscv oaqc poiwe bvrasz bavre

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  • sunshinemom 14/1/2009
  • My little one turns a year old the end of April. He loves Pocoyo! He lights up when he hears the first few notes of the opening song and will even sit and watch our Pocoyo screen saver! I got so excited when I saw little Jorge’s birthday pictures – is there any way to order Pocoyo party supplies from Spain? Is there a website or anything?

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  • Julieta Brain 16/1/2009
  • I have the same question..my daughter turns one on February 10th..and loves POCOYO.. can we order party supplies from Spain…I live in USA..avisenme tan pronto les sea posible…gracias

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  • Ale 19/1/2009
  • Where did you get all this stuff? even the candles I need a party setup like the one in the pic. Thank you. Can you please tell us the website!

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  • eswar 19/1/2009
  • it will be greatly appreciated if you can give us the website where we can get this stuff.

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  • adi 20/1/2009
  • hi!
    my little cousin is turning 1 in about 2 weeks.. and weve been looking for pocoyo party supplies. does anybody know where to find them??

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  • Evelyn Carranza 8/2/2009
  • YES!
    I want this for my baby!
    This would be wonderful.
    Do you think these party favors
    will be available here in the US?

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  • Minerva 25/2/2009
  • I little girl is turning 2 and LOVES Pocoyo, where can I get party supplies? We live in Mexico but we have PO Box in the States (El Centro, California).

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  • Michele Bewley 6/3/2009
  • Has anyone received feedback on where to get Pocoyo supplies, like the cute candles on the cake above? My son turns 4 in May and he loves Pocoyo and so do we – would love to surprise him for his birthday. I can’t seem to find any links giving ideas on how to create ones own Pocoyo birthday – can only imagine what my own Pocoyo would look like – more like a Poco-Yikes!

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  • Monica 30/5/2009
  • My daughter used to love Pocoyo at 3 years old! Right now she is 5 and I still love them. I’m sending some photos of our cake by email. The cake had Pocoyo, Ely, Pato, Sleepy Bird & Lula was made with the Pocoyo’s birthday chapter. Bye!!

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  • Birthday Cards 4/9/2009
  • Thats a cool birthday party..

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  • Ely Morales 15/9/2009
  • En mexico tambien nos encanta pocoyo, yo tengo una bebe que le encanta verlos, y me gustaria que cuando cumpliera su primer añito, poder hacerle su fiesta con el tema de pocoyo!!!

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  • Birthday cards 18/11/2009
  • Happy birthday wishes from the entire team of dgreetings.com

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  • jonathan 20/1/2010
  • my son will be 1year old on feb3 i need birthday supplies asp please let me know if u can help me i live in usa

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  • Bea 22/1/2010
  • You can get the supplies on Ebay they are a little expensive compare to more popular USA themes!! Good luck!!!

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  • Patricia 26/1/2010
  • I think Ebay is really expensive!!
    this website is from Chile, I live in the US, but my sister will be ordering them for me! can’t wait!

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  • Birthday Checklist 16/2/2010
  • Not only are the details wonderful, the way you tell a story with photography, and convey to the viewer the little things that you find meaningful is.. amazing
    I love these wonderful ideas for birthdays…

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  • Birthday Party Themes 22/2/2010
  • Found Birthday Supplies, an online party supply store. My birthday supply provides you with all the party arrangements including party themes, party costumes and party decorations

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  • birthday party supplies 5/3/2010
  • Great Party.. :)

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  • birthday party supplies 22/3/2010
  • My son asked for a Pocoyo party and I was disappointed that I found nothing in the way of party ideas…until I found your blog. You have done a fantastic job of showing each craft step by step. Thank you for sharing your talent. We’ve been so excited now that we have lots of ideas…thanks to you.

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  • cake decorating l party supplies 28/4/2010
  • This is such a great party . Very cool .

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  • Vickie25Day 31/5/2010
  • Different people all over the world receive the loans from various banks, just because this is simple.

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  • Brenda Torres 24/6/2010
  • I will love to have all the stuff of POCOYO for my babys birthday but in Puerto rico i cant find anything..can some1 tell me how can i find POCOYO PARTY STUFF PLEASE

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  • Franchi 8/7/2010
  • Hi Im in Puerto Rico too, Did u find anythig?

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  • kimmikav 18/11/2010
  • Hey i am suuper boy

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  • Lorenzo Sabanilla 28/1/2011
  • Hello to all Pocoyo fans…
    PartyWeb ships Pocoyo party supplies to the United States, Canada & Puerto Rico. It´s a cool spanish online store, in english & spanish. Check it out!!!


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  • Hettie Lukins 1/3/2012
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