Pocoyo Apps hit 10 Million Downloads

Pocoyo Apps

Pocoyo Apps

Madrid, April 3rd 2014: Zinkia Entertainment S.A. created the first Pocoyo app in June of 2010 and within four years has reached the massive milestone of 10 million downloads across 15 references available on all major digital platforms.

The collection that comprises a series of interactive storybooks, Pocoyo TV, Pocoyize, Talking Pocoyo, Talking Pato, Pocoyo Colouring and Pocoyo Gamebox are just some of the most popular apps that children can enjoy.

The Pocoyo apps are easy to use and offer a wide array of possibilities such as: reading interactive storybooks, playing and interacting with their favorite characters from the series, coloring in and playing musical instruments in a world that embraces the core values of the Learning Through Laughter philoposhy of the Brand.

Due to the high volume of downloads and positive reviews from fans, Google, the Apple IOS store and Amazon have all featured and promoted the Pocoyo branded applications. Talking Pocoyo has reached the number 1# position in the Apple IOS store 96 times worldwide and has ranked in the top 5 in the Apple IOS store 282 times internationally!

Julio Covacho, Zinkia’s CEO, stated that “Zinkia Entertainment continues to work and develop new content in the digital space to grow an already successful digital franchise and put a smile on the faces of our young fans”.

From the entire team 10 million thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

We are now 10 Million times happier thanks to all of you!

Apps Pocoyo 10 Million downloads

Thanks to All of You!


Enjoy all Pocoyo apps in the Official Pocoyo Website! Take Pocoyo with you and your children everywhere and have fun with them! The best way to ‘Learning Through Laughter!

Universal Children’s Day: Let’s take care of our future!

December 14th of 1954: This was a very important day for ALL the children in the world. This day, the UN General Assembly suggested to all countries to create an annual event to defend children and protect the children welfare all around the world. Many of the countries recognized this day, and they established the date of November 20th.

This Children’s Day was a must in our society, where all over the world thousands of them are under terrible standard of living. Thanks to this international initiative, many schools and institutions make special campaigns and events to inform them of their rights. Pocoyo could not be less… and here you have our nice reminder:


See all Pocoyo Children’s Rights videos Here

So DON’T FORGET! They need our protection and love to become honest and good people.

Let’ take care of our future! Let’s take care of our children!

Learning Through Laughter!

Pocoyo awarded in US!


We got great news!!

Two of the most prestigious cultural asociation in US (Parents Choice and National Parenting Publications) have awarded Pocoyo as one of the best entertainment content addressed to toddlers.

The most important thing of these awards for Zinkia is to know that you parents want Pocoyo close to your children to learn having fun. Learning Through Laughter!

Golden Medal in DVD category!! 

This is all because of all of you!! Thank you!!

Hooray for Pocoyo!!

See more contents of Pocoyo in: www.pocoyo.com / www.youtube.com/pocoyo

POCOYO & UNICEF partner to protect children’s rights!

Zinkia Entertainment’s Pocoyo partners with UNICEF to support Universal Children’s Day, November 20, 2011.

The United Nations’ Universal Children’s Day was established in 1954, and is celebrated on November 20 each year to promote international togetherness and awareness among children worldwide. UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, promotes and coordinates this special day, which also works towards improving children’s welfare.

This year, Zinkia’s flagship character Pocoyo is lending his support to raise global awareness for childrens’ rights!

Join us to help celebrate Universal Children’s Day and raise global awareness for children’s rights.

Talking Pocoyo: Talk, play, dance and much more with the new App of Pocoyo!!

Now you are able to talk to Pocoyo anytime, anywhere with the NEW Talking Pocoyo app, available on iTunes!

Just in time for spring break and Easter holiday, children can have fun talking to their favorite friend, Pocoyo, wherever they go!

TALKING POCOYO will make your children laugh and learn. See what you can do!:

  • Talk to him and he’ll repeat everything you say!
  • Tickle him and see him smiling!
  • Play musical instruments with Pocoyo!
  • Guess which animal is Pocoyo imitating!
  • Learn how to dance with Pocoyo!
  • Share your videos with your friends


Visit iTunes today and download Talking Pocoyo for your iPhone, and coming soon iPad, to enjoy with your children!

If you have QR Code you can download it here:

Have you watched the video? Check it out! You’re gonna love it!!

Champion’s Diploma: These are the winners of Pocoyo Games 2012!

These are the winners of the contest Champion’s Diploma!!

We are so happy with the participation of all Pocoyo fans from all around the world. Your kids are beating all records in Pocoyo Games 2012, and the Diploma’s Champion contest is a good proof of it.

This contest has the purpose of spark off the Olympic Spirit among the youngest ones, and our winners drawings inspires this spirit.
All drawings you sent to us are beatiful!! but unfortunately only 5 can get the original Pocoyo poster.

So here they are our WINNERS of the Champion’s Diploma!!:

1) “Gymnastics” by rachaeloyo

2) “Pocoyo Ciclist” by letilu

3) “Carreras” by pepenric2005

4) “Adrian_Rugby” by adrimart

5) “Olympics Rings” by lucapulpillo

Congratulation to all winners!!

You will receive your Original Pocoyo poster in a time period of 30 days maximum:

In case of one of these 5 winners do not respond to an email sent by Pocoyo Team in a time period of 5 days, the prize will be assigned to next candidates selected. The candidates list is the following:

  1. “Pato is swimming” by melanita22
  2. “El esfuerzo” by reychiquito
  3. “Pocoyó in the swimmingpool” by almudenafern
  4. “POCOYO EN LOS POCOYO GAMES” by fcomaga
  5. “Champions friends” by javis16

A leap year: And what is it?

Today is February 29th. It’s a unique day that happens only every 4 years. For this reason, Pato is explaining to Pocoyo what Leap Year is:
Pato:  How many seconds are there in 1 minute?
Pocoyo: 60 seconds!
Pato: And how many minutes are there in 1 hour?
Pocoyo: 60 minutes!

Pato: Good… and how many days are there in 1 Year?
Pocoyo: 365 days!! (Pocoyo shouts this aloud, quite sure that he is right)

Pato: Not always!! Sometimes 1 Year takes 366 days instead of 365 days…
Pocoyo: Wowww! How is this possible?

Pato:  Because 2012 is a Leap Year!
Pocoyo: A what year?!

Pato: A Leap Year. It’s a year containing one additional day. It happens every 4 years.

Pocoyo: Ohh! So this year we can do many more things because we have one more day. Am I right Pato?
Pato: You’re right Pocoyo! And what do you want to do with this extra day…?
Pocoyo: Hmmm…I really don’t know….. Oh,  I know, I know – let’s use it to just play and have fun all day long!!

Today is Work Harder Day

POCOYO and his friends Elly, Loula, Pato, Sleepy Bird, Little Bird, Caterpillar and Fred certainly have been working harder today.  They’ve posted 60 videos to the POCOYO YouTube channel (http://bit.ly/wzwwQJ) so that you can watch and play along with them whenever you want, providing your parents say it’s okay, of course.  That means that if you missed the latest POCOYO episode on Nick Jr. either weekdays at 4p.m./1p.m. (eastern/pacific) or on weekends at 1p.m./10a.m. (eastern/pacific), or on Univision’s Planeta U on Saturday mornings at 8:30a.m., you can ask your parents to go online and visit POCOYO YouTube’s channel and still join POCOYO and his friends in their fun adventures.  And you can spend today working harder to enjoy POCOYO!

Whew! It’s been a very busy time, hasn’t it?

But now that the holidays are over and the New Year has begun, it’s time to have some fun!  How about visiting POCOYO’s website and playing some fun games?  You can have your parents help you go to http://www.pocoyo.com/en/craft-projects and download all the fun games that you can play at home.  There’s one game where you try to match the footprints to the character that created them.  Sometimes things look like they are easy to do, but don’t be fooled.  Then you can download fun drawings to color, or you can learn to write your letters with POCOYO or Elly.  You can also make a friendship box or you can try and find your way through the race maze.  There’s so many fun ways to spend time with POCOYO and his friends.

National Bird Day

Today is National Bird Day. This is a day when you can celebrate every bird you can see, or maybe even one or two special birds. Pocoyo is planning a special party today for Sleepy Bird and Little Bird. He’s going to sing them a song and make up a special dance to show them how special they are.

Did you know that each type of bird has a special song or sound that it makes and also has special colored feathers or something else that makes it stand out from the other types of birds? You can celebrate National Bird Day by trying to identify as many wild birds as you can in your neighborhood. Then you can ask your parents to help you download the coloring page at http://www.nationalbirdday.com/popups/coloring_art.php. After you color the birds on this page, have your parents help you post it to the Pocoyo Facebook page as a way to say Happy National Bird Day to Sleepy Bird and Little Bird.